Start-Up Business of the Year Winners

The team at Generate Leads Online are proud to be rounding out a highly successful year of innovation, growth, and recognition with their most meaningful award win yet; the Suffolk Business Awards’ Start-Up Business of the Year prize.

2021 has unarguably been GLO’s biggest year yet. From the very first to the very last minutes of these twelve challenging months, our team has worked hard to create groundbreaking data-driven campaigns, and to develop our talented team of SEO specialists, graphic designers, copywriters, social media experts, and digital marketing executives – all whilst delivering an even higher level of outstanding results to our growing group of clients.

Best Start Up Business Suffolk Digital Marketing Agency

We’re proud of ourselves, our work, and of each and every piece of recognition we’ve received this year – which is why we want to tell you about our latest win.

Multi-Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency

‘The Suffolk Business Awards bring the county’s business community together to celebrate each other’s achievements and highlight the leaders in each industry. We are proud that these awards bring Suffolk’s diverse and vibrant business community together in order to celebrate companies who are truly outstanding in their sector and honour the achievements and contributions being made to the local economy.’

This year’s Suffolk Business Awards attracted countless entries from Suffolk’s leading start-up businesses across all sectors – ultimately boiling down to a worthy shortlist of four finalists in our category: AccuGrit, Resitute, Vantage Building Control, and GLO.

After an extensive application process, an in-depth interview, and a wonderful evening of celebrations at Kesgrave Hall, GLO was named winner of the organisation’s Start-Up Business of the Year award, sponsored by Beckett Investment Management Group. We couldn’t be more pleased to have been recognised by such an influential and experienced judging panel – and are proud to have taken part in an event highlighting Suffolk’s thriving business community.

‘Over the Moon’

Following the long-awaited awards ceremony, the GLO team are ‘over the moon’ with our latest win. In a winner’s interview, John stated:

“It’s a dream come true to have been crowned the best start-up in Suffolk and I couldn’t be prouder of the GLO team. As Generate Leads Online evolves, we will keep developing local talent, delivering fantastic results for our clients and striving to be a top name in the digital marketing industry.”

Adding to comments previously made by John, our Digital Director Tony spoke to the EADT on the night of the event, declaring:

“It’s an incredible honour to be named Start-Up Business of the Year. It’s a real testament to the special talent we have here at Generate Leads Online. We will continue to help our customers to grow and in turn, that will help us achieve our goals. This is just the beginning of our journey.”

It’s safe to say that this new trophy has brought an overwhelming sense and accomplishment to our office – reflecting the team’s hard work, dedication, and passion for what we do, alongside a hint at what we can achieve going forward.

So, as we often say, ‘roll on the future’! We’re delighted with our many successes this year and can’t wait to continue delivering the innovative, data-driven digital experiences we’ve become known for in 2022.

‘A Standout Application’

Post-ceremony, judges hailed the details discussed in GLO’s written application and interview as contributing to an ‘outstanding entry’ – noting in particular, GLO’s defiant and flexible approach to recruitment amongst continued Covid-19 restrictions, symbiotic use of Kickstart and degree apprenticeship schemes for the means of both business growth and the boosting the prospects of local digital talent, and finally, the way in which founder, John Parnell, ‘used his extensive experience in the sector to disrupt the marketplace of SEO web design’ – delivering a level of transparency unlike any other.

Best Start Up Business Suffolk

‘GLO is a model for any entrepreneur – demonstrating that success is dependent on doing everything possible to build a team that can use their skills to grow the organisation.’

So, why not take a look at the best bits of the application that started it all?

Digital Disruptors

Disruption was a key aspect of this year’s Suffolk Business Awards, with all ‘Start-Up Business of the Year’ applicants required to demonstrate their most innovative, unconventional, and successful approaches, products, services, and models.

Here at GLO, we believe strongly in the power of market disruption. Having initially set out to help local SMEs propel their businesses to evolve their online presence with smart, modern, data-driven, digital marketing strategies, three years later, we consider ourselves to have been highly successful in developing doing so – implementing innovative, optimised services producing exceptional results at an accessible price point.

We’ve been particularly successful in delivering a disruptive service in the form of our SEO Web Design service; a holistic combination of SEO, web design, copywriting, and CRO that works to deliver visually attractive, functional websites designed with incremental change in mind, and optimised from the ground up. John explains the need for this new service below:

‘GLO’s SEO Web design service was developed in response to an influx of new SEO clients whose existing, under-optimised sites were a key aspect of their disappointing online performance – particularly where online sales became a primary outlet for many businesses as a result of continuing UK-wide lockdowns. After hearing their stories of countless page additions and endless SEO tune-ups, the GLO team set out to develop a comprehensive solution unlike any other – creating a fully comprehensive fusion service combining web design and SEO upfront. This service delivers a uniquely holistic approach to web design and optimisation, creating websites built for SEO from the ground up – balancing proper site structure with strong content, design, and other elements to deliver results with a solid grounding in data, stunning visuals, and outstanding functionality that rank in SERPs from the very beginning.’

Websites created under our SEO Web Design service aren’t just our clients’ digital business cards. Instead, they become an automated in-house sales team – using smart CRO and solid data to consistently generate qualified leads. This automated, streamlined approach to winning new business has certainly been disruptive to our local market and has helped our customers prosper, even during the pandemic.

Looking to the future, our next step towards disruptive innovation is set to be in response to what we’ve observed amongst many new businesses formed during the pandemic. These clients express a need for incoming sales leads but aren’t in the position to take the risks and bear the costs of building their own website. GLO is looking to develop a service that will address this issue directly. Stay tuned for updates!

Committed to Our Community

GLO are strongly committed to supporting the brilliant community in which we operate – whether developing talent or using our skills for good. Throughout our application, we discussed the following highlights of our involvement in and commitment to our Suffolk and Essex communities, and the people within them:

Firstly, we’re proud to provide many local graduates and high-school leavers with invaluable experience and support through the creation of numerous employment opportunities via kickstart and digital apprenticeship schemes. GLO takes great pride in nurturing Suffolk and Essex’s best and brightest digital talent – using a strong focus on continuous development, to support, encourage and finance employees’ upskilling via various online courses, qualifications and certificates, helping them improve their current skills and/or explore and develop complementary skills within digital marketing.

GLO also possesses a strong affinity with Ipswich Rugby Club – whom we’ve sponsored since our establishment in 2019. Despite the club having to shut down for many months during the pandemic, we worked to ensure our financial commitment, whilst offering our skillset to assist with further fundraising throughout lockdown. In our three-year start-up period, GLO has developed two websites for Ipswich Rugby Club, and helped to run multiple marketing campaigns for the club’s fundraising campaign – ultimately raising thousands towards their £150,000 goal.

Dedicated to Our Clients

Of course, our business couldn’t have won this award without the support of our clients. As part of our application, we outlined our commitment to ensuring their success.

Here at GLO, we’re fully committed to delivering the best possible ROI to our clients, and work to achieve this using solid data and smart alterations – not guessing games. After launching a heavily optimised campaign based on extensive keyword research, our team doesn’t simply move on. Instead, GLO works reactively to ensure each aspect of our services is working optimally. To accommodate this reliance upon data and dedication to our customers, we’ve developed a comprehensive tracking and reporting system, designed to monitor both the historical and present results of each of our campaigns in an understandable, actionable manner.

The bespoke, fully interactive reports generated by this system are sent to clients at a frequency of their choosing – giving them full transparency and peace of mind with regard to every aspect of their services’ performance and ROI. We’re devoted to the continuous observation, analysis and optimisation of our client’s marketing campaigns – working to offer businesses a steady stream of quality sales leads set to propel their growth.

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