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Garden Room Company Google Ads Campaign: SMART Modular Buildings

SMART Modular Buildings Timeline

November 2023 - Ongoing

From £1785 to £26 Per Lead: SMART® Modular Buildings' PPC Transformation

From humble beginnings as the UK’s first dedicated garden office company, SMART® has blossomed into the ultimate in modular buildings. For over two decades, they’ve delivered spaces blending work, play, and day-to-day; transforming back gardens into functional studios, offices, annexes, and more. 

When SMART®’s initial foray into Google Ads resulted in a frustrating combination of skyrocketing costs and disappointing leads, CEO Matt Moss knew something needed to change. Eager to unlock the true potential of online advertising, he turned to GLO, seeking a solution that would transform the company’s Google Ads strategy and fuel its growth.

The result? A Google Ads campaign refresh that boosted brochure requests from 5 to 922 monthly, slashed cost-per-lead from £1785 to £26, and achieved over 5.5 million impressions in just 6 months.


  • Resuscitate a Struggling PPC Campaign: Breathe new life into a floundering Google Ads campaign struggling with high costs and low-quality leads.
  • Turn Clicks into Conversions: Swap lukewarm browsers for hot prospects and eager brochure requesters.
  • Maximise ROI, Minimise Ad Spend: Slash cost-per-lead while increasing lead volume and quality.
  • Re-engage and Remarket: Recapture the attention of past website visitors through targeted remarketing.


  • Cost-Per-Lead Cut: Slashed Google Ads costs from a painful £1785 per lead to a budget-friendly £26.
  • Lead Generation Leaps: Boosted Google Ads brochure requests from 5 monthly (Sept 2023) to 922 monthly (April 2024)
  • Remarketing Magic: Cast a wide net with over 5.5 million impressions from past visitors, reeling in additional prospects.
  • Social Media Success: Extended reach on social media with retargeted ads, capturing over 2,000 potential customers at an incredible £7 per lead.


The GLO Effect

See the Stats

5 to 922 Brochure Requests

5 (Sept 2023) to 922 monthly (April 2024) Google Ads Brochure Requests

£1785 to £26 Per Lead

93% Reduction in Cost-Per-Lead


Remarketing Impressions

How We Did it

Our PPC Process


Digging Deep

Our PPC experts started by immersing themselves in SMART®’s world, understanding their dedication to sustainable materials, bespoke designs, and the joy their garden rooms bring to customers. Their existing Google Ads campaign was a far cry from their high-quality products.

Managed by an uncoordinated group of subcontractors, the campaign lacked clarity, targeted copy, and any form of remarketing tactic. Its user experience was disjointed, sending traffic to a poorly optimised landing page that focused on an off-domain configurator tool, rather than the company’s primary goal of capturing brochure requests. 

Keywords were mismanaged, relying heavily on a disorganised mix of broad and exact match phrases that limited reach and wasted budget on irrelevant searches. 

To top things off, conversion tracking was muddled by the existence of multiple trigger points for the same request, creating an illusion of success.

It was clear that SMART®’s Google Ads strategy needed a complete overhaul.


Data Detective Work

Armed with insights, we conducted a full audit of SMART®’s existing Google Ads account. 

We examined campaign structure, conversion tracking, and keyword performance, focusing on high-intent phrase match terms like “garden rooms,” “garden offices,” and “garden studios”, and added negative keywords (817, to be exact!) to ensure we weren’t wasting money on irrelevant searches. 

We also analysed competitor campaigns to pinpoint areas for improvement and benchmark SMART® in the modular building paid advertising landscape.


Tailoring the Target Audience and Landing Pages

SMART® wanted to attract the right kind of customer – those with a genuine interest in bespoke garden spaces. 

To do this, we worked together to craft detailed customer profiles, identifying their ideal clientele as homeowners with gardens, those interested in home improvements, and self-build enthusiasts. 

Ad copy and visuals were then tailored to resonate with these specific interests, ensuring every click came from potential customers.  

To facilitate conversions from these customers, GLO overhauled SMART®’s landing pages, swapping their singular generic landing page with a multi-page set tailored to specific searches, like “garden offices” and “granny annexes.” Each page now features a clear call-to-action (CTA) in line with the company’s primary target action; requesting a brochure.


Building a Winning Strategy

With a clear understanding of SMART®’s target audience, we developed a compelling ad campaign with bespoke design and copy showcasing their unique selling points. We highlighted their innovative TuSC™ construction, bespoke designs, and eco-friendly materials, using targeted language that resonated with potential customers.


Streamlining for Success

We streamlined conversion tracking, ensuring accurate data collection. We also implemented strategic bidding adjustments, focusing on audiences with higher conversion potential and excluding irrelevant traffic, such as “renters.” This approach not only cut costs but also improved lead quality significantly.


Remarketing and Refining

Our team didn’t stop there. We wanted to make sure those who expressed interest didn’t forget about what SMART® have to offer!  

GLO launched a super-smart remarketing campaign across Google and Meta, reaching over 200 thousand past website visitors with a carousel of 48 eye-catching display ads across Google’s display network and social media. This not only kept SMART® top-of-mind, but brought in an additional 2,000 high-quality leads at a budget-friendly £7 per lead.


Ongoing Optimisation

Set and forget isn’t our style. Continuous monitoring and data analysis have allowed us to optimise every aspect of the campaign, ensuring ongoing improvements in performance and results.

Hear It From Our Client


“The impact since GLO has been on board has been transformational.

Our lead generation is back where it needs to be. The customers coming through are far more engaged and are of a much higher quality. This has increased our sales, output, and ultimately, our overall success.

There are a lot of companies out there that offer this service. However, you need to be assured that the people running your campaigns can actually deliver. GLO does.

I absolutely recommend GLO to other businesses for their PPC and online marketing activities.”

Matt Moss CEO at SMART® Modular Buildings

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