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Job Management Software Web Design: ServiceSight

ServiceSight Timeline

December 2022 - June 2023

A Streamlined New Website to Promote ServiceSight

ServiceSight, powered by Protean Software Ltd, is an industry-leading job management application for small to medium field service businesses, providing an effective way to organise business operations. Protean Software approached GLO to design a new website promoting their comprehensive range of feature-rich job management solutions, with the intention to phase out their legacy application – Protean FSM – and increase sales of ServiceSight.

Protean Software’s current website was difficult to navigate, making it hard for users to locate information about their products. Visually, it featured Protean’s original orange and blue branding, meaning Protean FSM (their legacy product) was the primary focus, rather than ServiceSight (their new and improved field service management application). 

In order to differentiate the company’s three job management systems (Protean FSM, ServiceSight, and ServiceSight Pro) and position ServiceSight as their primary offering, we delivered a transformative new ServiceSight-branded website that puts ServiceSight front and centre. Thanks to a user-friendly site structure, clear navigation, and up-to-date information about each application’s features, the new website makes it easy for users to determine and enquire about the most appropriate job management software for their needs, driving sign-ups and sales. 


  • Develop a set of brand guidelines to clearly differentiate each application and provide direction when designing the new website. 
  • Showcase Protean Software’s professionalism and range of field service management solutions with a streamlined website that’s easy to navigate and provides up-to-date information about each application and its features. 
  • Boost enquiries and sales by highlighting each application’s unique benefits, helping users to find and enquire about the right product for their needs. 
  • Position ServiceSight as Protean Software’s go-to field service management software solution, directing users to sign-up for free (ServiceSight) or book a demo (ServiceSight PRO).
  • Increase visibility and website traffic by ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords/phrases. 


  • Comprehensive yet easy-to-follow brand guidelines that consolidate each application’s branding and ensure consistency across all communications.
  • A well-structured, user-friendly new website that effectively showcases Protean Software’s products and professionalism – fully optimised for desktop and mobile, and ready to perform even before launch.
  • Up-to-date product information, an integrated product questionnaire, smart call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and an accessible contact form that make it easy for users to understand each application’s benefits and book a demo – driving sign-ups and sales.
  • A new website domain and branding that positions ServiceSight as Protean Software’s go-to field service management software solution.
  • Guaranteed SERP success thanks to new, data-driven SEO website copy for each and every web page.

How We Did it

Our Job Management Software Web Design Process



Here at GLO, we know that successful web design starts with an in-depth understanding of your business. We worked closely with Protean Software to establish their offering, target audience, what they hoped to achieve, and any existing barriers to success – allowing us to devise an effective strategy moving forwards. 

Having understood the challenges the company was facing, we proposed a radical solution – a new, ServiceSight-branded website, designed to increase sales of their latest field service management application. 



GLO’s SEO Web Design service is driven by data. Laying the foundations for top-notch performance from day one, our SEO specialists conducted extensive industry, competitor, and keyword research – using the results to plan a sitemap in line with what ServiceSight’s target audience were searching for. 

This data was then used to craft high-quality optimised copy for each and every web page, in order to drive traffic to the site and provide visitors with clear, up-to-date information about all of Protean Software’s applications. This included the creation of a product questionnaire to help users determine the right job management solution for their business needs.



With the pages laid out in writing, it was time to get designing. For this job management software company web design project, GLO’s experienced web designers worked to present the content in a way that was easy to digest and navigate. Consistent, UX-driven page layouts and a clear site structure make it easy for visitors to locate information, while considered CTA buttons encourage users to request a demo via an accessible contact form, driving conversions and sales. 

Featuring ServiceSight’s branding, the new website positions ServiceSight as Protean Software’s go-to field service management application, while still providing information and resources about the company’s legacy product – Protean FSM (as for some industries, this remains the most appropriate job management solution). 



Unfortunately, prior to developing the new site, we were informed that Protean Software Ltd had been acquired by Joblogic – one of their biggest competitors. Therefore, the new website was never developed or launched.

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