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Garage Door Company Web Design & CRO: The Pegasus Door Company





The Pegasus Door Company Timeline

November 2021 - August 2022

Helping The Pegasus Door Company Reach New Heights

The Pegasus Door Company is a trusted independent business, with expertise in the supply and installation of garage doors, industrial doors, and outdoor spaces. Having developed an outstanding reputation across East Anglia and the London area for their top quality products, expert workmanship, and personal customer service, owner Toby Bursill approached GLO for a bespoke new website that effectively showcased the company’s offering and professionalism, in order to generate qualified leads and enquiries. 

Our SEO web design team delivered, combining expertly crafted copy with user-centric design, premium branding, and built-in optimisation. The result is a site that stands out in SERPs, rivals local competition, drives new business, and truly reflects the quality products, bespoke services, and friendly customer service that give The Pegasus Door Company its wings. 






  • Design and launch an optimised website to help the business fly and live up to its name – Pegasus! 
  • Rank high in SERPs for relevant keywords/phrases and rival local competitors. 
  • Showcase products and professionalism with clear navigation and premium design. 
  • Increase sales by encouraging website visitors to call or enquire now. 
  • Drive additional traffic to the website with an effective Google Ads and social media remarketing campaign. 






  • A website that looks as sleek and performs as well as the doors and outdoor spaces it showcases – across all devices, thanks to mobile-first design. Site speed tests passed with flying colours!
  • Soaring search rankings. The new Pegasus Door Company website now ranks on the first page of Google for numerous key terms, ensuring the business can rival local competition.
  • User-driven design. Engaging content, clear navigation, and premium branding work to create a digital experience that’s as smooth, easy, and enjoyable for users as having a door or outdoor space installed by the company in real life! 
  • Sales galore! Pegasus Doors’ new website makes it easier than ever for visitors to make an enquiry or request a quote, with smart CTA placement, clickable ‘call now’ buttons, and an accessible contact form, resulting in a 1300% increase in leads just 3 months post-launch! 
  • Optimised Google Ads and an effective social media remarketing campaign drive additional traffic to the website, helping to secure even more conversions and sales.





The GLO Effect

See the Stats

+ 2688.24%

Keyword Performance in 3 months

+ 493%

Conversion Rate in 3 months

+ 1300%

Leads in 3 months

How We Did it

Our Door Company Website Design & CRO Process



The first step to creating a website that truly reflected The Pegasus Door Company’s offering and would help them achieve their goals was to develop a comprehensive understanding of their business, audience, and any existing barriers to success. 

After a few initial discovery meetings, it became clear that their current site lacked high-quality content and was hard to navigate, making it tricky for visitors to find the information they needed. Moreover, without clear CTAs encouraging visitors to ‘call now’ (the preferred contact method), the team at Pegasus were faced with the time-consuming task of responding to vague email enquiries, making it difficult to efficiently secure sales. 

By understanding these challenges, we were able to come up with a clear strategy for the new web design to help The Pegasus Door Company generate leads and conversions with ease.







The best websites integrate data at every touchpoint. Laying the foundations for top-notch performance from day one, GLO’s SEO team conducted extensive industry, competitor, and keyword research – using the results to plan a sitemap in line with what Pegasus’ target audience were searching for. This data was then used to craft high-quality optimised copy for each and every webpage, in order to drive traffic to the site and provide visitors with clear, up-to-date information about the company’s products and services.







With the pages laid out in writing, it was time to get designing. For this door company web design project, GLO’s graphic designers worked to present the content in a way that was easy to digest and navigate, accompanied by product imagery to showcase the company’s offering and illustrate the different types of doors and outdoor spaces available. 

Featuring a premium navy, white, and gold colour palette, modern sans serif type, and a custom badge to show off the five-year warranty included with all of their products, the new site is clean and professional – reflecting the high-quality service the door company offers. 

Consistent, UX-driven page layouts and a clear site structure make it easy for visitors to locate information and compare products, while considered ‘call to action’ (CTA) buttons encourage users to call or request a quote via an accessible contact form, helping to boost conversions. 







Here at GLO, we know that successful websites don’t just look great; performance is also key to ensuring a great user experience – keeping visitors on-site and increasing conversions. 

Our experienced web developers worked to provide full functionality at every touchpoint – from simple buttons to a floating ‘request a quote’ CTA and user-friendly contact form, while ensuring unrivalled site speed and page loading times. 

In just a few weeks, the website was fully developed and ready to launch – built to perform from the get-go. 







Since launch day in August 2022, The Pegasus Door Company have enjoyed the GLO effect, day-in, day-out. 

Thanks to our innovative combination of data-driven optimisation and creative flair, the site now outperforms Pegasus’ competitors, with first-page keyword rankings across local SERPs for key terms including ‘pegasus doors’, ‘garage doors’, ‘roller doors’, ‘electric garage doors’, ‘internal door fitters near me’, ‘bespoke garage doors near me’, ‘garage door repairs’, ‘custom doors’, and more. 

Just three months post-launch, overall keyword performance increased by a whopping 2688.24%, visitors were spending almost five times longer on-page, conversion rates were up by 493%, and Pegasus were generating 1300% more qualified leads. 

Accompanied by an optimised Google Ads campaign and social media remarketing ads to target previous site visitors, sales are now soaring!





Hear It From Our Client


“John, Rebecca and the rest of the team at GLO have been such a joy to work with through the whole process of building our Grade A website! Even at the very beginning the team knew exactly what we wanted to create and made the whole process a breath of fresh air. From our onboarding and market research, to design, SEO, and finalisation, we were in the loop with it all and given full control on the direction of the build. GLO have done an outstanding job of our website and all our extra marketing and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new website. GLO has made a website that will truly help our business fly and live up to our name… PEGASUS! From all of us at Pegasus Doors, thanks!!”





Toby Bursill Managing Director at The Pegasus Door Company

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