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Healthcare Market Research SEO Copywriting: MediVoice Recruit

MediVoice Recruit Timeline

December 2020 - January 2022

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Driving Innovation with MediVoice Recruit

We all know that content marketing is the ultimate balancing act – but when sensitive topics like medical research are involved, the stakes become infinitely higher. For this SEO copywriting project, GLO’s talented writers were tasked with meeting the niche requirements of highly educated industry experts, patients and carers living with complex medical needs, and, of course, search algorithms – simultaneously. They delivered. 

Quality conversion doesn’t happen by chance; in order to turn browsers to buyers, you’ll need just the right combination of words. That’s where we come in, devising content built to inspire direct action. The GLO team use a winning formula of creative flair, masterful copy, and robust, data-driven research to ensure that our client’s online assets land in front of the ideal eyes at the perfect time, every time. The result? A proven track record of countless goal completions – from sign-ups to sales. 

MediVoice Recruit, a global healthcare research participant recruitment specialist, approached GLO in 2020 with the aim of establishing a refreshed online presence following a merger and complete rebrand. GLO signed on for a full SEO web design, however, optimised copywriting took the top spot on the project’s priority list, requiring deep-dive industry research and a unique sensitivity to a variety of parties from the get-go. Read on to discover how our content specialists worked alongside their team to deliver text that fit their ambitious brief to a tee.


  • Craft approximately 15 web pages worth of high-quality content in line with MediVoice Recruit’s extensive brand guidelines, carefully balancing accessibility and crystal clear industry expertise. 
  • Combine the power of keyword research, quality copy, and design to direct the site’s multiple demographics to their respective CTAs.
  • Inspire the user to make use of or contribute to the opportunities for ‘intelligent collaboration’ and ‘industry innovation’ offered by MediVoice, informing at every relevant touchpoint. 
  • Contribute directly to the final web design’s visibility in search engines for niche keyphrases including ‘healthcare research participant recruitment’


  • Complex content, simplified. Our content writers spent countless hours working alongside the MediVoice team, immersing themselves within their industry and unique brand in order to produce truly unique content balancing engagement with information. The end result is a truly cohesive collection of text with a tone offering intelligence, expertise, and experience client-side, whilst delivering friendliness, engagement, and simplicity to patients. 
  • Differing demographics? No problem. Our endless research and user-driven content seamlessly directs patients, carers, and healthcare professionals to sign up via dedicated ‘take part’ pages, whilst guiding clients looking to make use of MediVoice’s recruitment expertise for their own research towards ‘contact us’ in a short, sweet, and navigationally brilliant journey.   
  • Changing the world, one study at a time. Approaching this project, our copywriters knew that the content they produced needed to reflect the genuine impact of both MediVoice and their volunteers. Using carefully crafted phrasing, we brought to life the effect of healthcare research on everyday life for millions around the globe. 
  • 20/20 search visibility. Despite tight restrictions surrounding the use of exact keywords, phrasing, and terminology, our content team’s organic text has made MediVoice Recruit’s site one of our most prevalent in results, with a staggering 3618.13 % performance index increase and first-page rankings across the board for terms including ‘healthcare market research recruitment’, ‘healthcare participant recruiter’, ‘medical market research recruitment’, and more.

The GLO Effect

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+ 3618.13%

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+ 8

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+ 50k

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How We Did it

Our Healthcare Copywriting Process



From the very beginning, we knew that maintaining a close-knit working relationship with MediVoice Recruit’s marketing team was essential to ticking all of the boxes. Starting with an in-depth discovery meeting, our head of content arranged fortnightly update and review meetings wherein everything from content to industry terminology and procedure was poured over – building brand expertise whilst ensuring complete accuracy and satisfaction across every word written.



Sometimes, finding the right words can be difficult. Luckily, data can make the process a whole lot easier. Before even putting pen to paper (or, in their case, fingers to keyboards), the GLO team worked to develop an extensive keyword and competitor research strategy, proposing a set list of relevant, highly-searched terms towards which they’d gear their final drafts. After working with the MediVoice team to whittle down the exact semantics and terminology surrounding their offerings, they settled on final keyphrases such as ‘healthcare market research recruitment’, and ‘ healthcare participant recruiter’ – aligning the focus of each page perfect with the precise search intent of ideal audiences. This long-lived research phase also offered further opportunities for our writing team to immerse themselves in the industry – allowing for the uncovering of competitor strategies and the development of yet more knowledge. By the time the final research papers were complete, they were raring to go.



After taking on the challenge of this complex subject matter, the GLO content team were more than ready to write brilliantly original content geared towards MediVoice’s split demographic. With a clearly established tone combining intelligence and accessibility, they opened their docs and got to work – first producing a sample in the form of the homepage. Delivering on the careful balancing act required in content marketing, the end result worked to engage both humans and AI across all target audiences, motivating HCPs, inspiring patients, capturing the attention of clients, and telling Google bots exactly where the site should be indexed. After passing through the MediVoice team for a thorough review, the green light was given, and work continued. Ultimately, a set of 15 informative, engaging, and uniquely MediVoice pages were drafted, edited, and submitted for review.



In such a tightly regulated, technical industry, nothing less than perfection is acceptable across any aspect of a project. Luckily for the MediVoice team, GLO strive for the same level of success. After completing the first drafts of content, our copywriters attended a string of meetings with MediVoice management, working through staff surveys, feedback presentations, and brainstorming sessions to ensure even the smallest elements of the content produced were both a true representation of the organization’s work and mission – alongside catering exactly to the clients’ unique sensitivities. After tweaking and editing, the content was finally ready to be published.



This project despite being one of our most niche and complex, has seen groundbreaking levels of success in SERPs. After being enveloped with a brand new SEO web design, our content team’s original, on-brand, and, most importantly, optimised content has helped Medivoice achieve significant visibility for key terms across the board (keyword performance index, anyone?), whilst convincing clients and recruits alike on-page of their industry prowess, expertise, and trustworthiness. In short, the research hours were worth it. We couldn’t be prouder to see their site flourish, and can’t wait to share in its future wins.

Hear It From Our Client


‘We worked with GLO to deliver a new website. Their help and guidance have been excellent especially when we’ve made requests which were outside of the original brief. They’ve delivered a beautifully designed, well-written and responsive website that meets all our needs. I can always rely on them for a quick response to any of my queries and highly recommend them for their digital marketing and SEO expertise.’

Helen Ramnought Marketing Director, MediVoice Recruit

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