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Mortgage Broker Web Design: Fees Free Mortgages


Fees Free Mortgages Timeline

December 2021 - September 2022

Giving Fees Free Mortgages a New Digital Home

Fees Free Mortgages are a small team of Suffolk-based mortgage and insurance brokers ‘on a mission to make mortgages fairer, faster, and fees-free for everyone’. Offering extensive support to buyers on their journey onto or up the property ladder, Fees Free aim to level the playing field, guiding all types of buyers-to-be through the ‘paperwork-packed, jargon-filled world of mortgages’ toward the best possible deal.

Following a successful PPC campaign, director and longtime mortgage broker Martin Bright teamed up with GLO yet again to roll out a complete rebuild of Fees Free’s existing mortgage site, taking its user-friendly nature and optimisation to the next level. 

Our SEO web design team collaborated to create a clean, modern, and most importantly, browser-friendly mortgage broker website with the power to convert site-hoppers to homeowners. With the site signed, sealed, and delivered – it’s time to give it the spotlight it deserves!



  • Design Fees Free Mortgages a new digital home 
  • Rank high in SERPs for relevant keywords/phrases
  • Attract key demographics including first-time buyers
  • Unlock new consultation bookings with CTAs and integrated booking software



  • A ‘new build’ to be proud of. GLO’s content, design, and development teams worked together to construct a simple yet intuitive SEO web design for Fees Free Mortgages, building upon a strong foundation of data and research. 
  • A home at the top of SERPs. The new Fees Free Mortgages site takes up valuable real estate at the number one spot and across the first page for a number of key terms searched by key audiences including ‘Fees Free Mortgages’, ‘first-time buyer mortgages’, ‘free mortgage advice’, and more. 
  • Audience engagement unlike any other. Thanks to our team’s sensitive selection of keywords and crafting of a simple, straightforward tone throughout the site, Fees Free now pulls in First Time buyers more than ever before, helping Martin and co. change the industry one step at a time. 
  • With Fees Free Mortgages’ new SEO web design, making a free, no-obligation consultation is as simple as one, two, three. Our unique combination of user-centric design, optimisation, and creative flair brings users from search to sign-up in a simple, intuitive way.


The GLO Effect

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How We Did it

Our Mortgage Broker Website Design Process



GLO kickstarted Fees Free’s journey towards a brand new site with a set of discovery meetings. Throughout these initial calls, our experts worked alongside Martin to determine an exact vision for each element of the design, from the content tone and visual aesthetics to overarching goals. After getting to grips with the Fees Free brand and direction, it was time to get going – putting first-time buyers and a revolutionary fees-free format at the forefront of our work.




SEO is at the core of everything we do. In order to establish Fees Free Mortgages as a power player in the UK mortgage market, our search experts worked to fine-tune every aspect of the site using best-practice SEO from the very beginning. Before even designing the webpages themselves, the GLO content team worked to uncover data surrounding the search intent of Fees Free’s key audiences – using the results to craft a high-performance keyword strategy built to move the new site up SERP rankings, fast. Post-analysis, writing fifteen pages of optimised content was next on the to-do list, with our head of content working hard to develop a simple, friendly, and approachable tone appropriate for first and fifth-time buyers alike.




After our on-brand written content was given the green light, it was time to begin constructing Fees Free Mortgages’ ‘new build’. Of course, every quality home is built upon a brilliant blueprint – and our SEO web designs are no different. For this mortgage broker web design project, GLO’s graphic design team worked closely with both our content writers and developers to achieve a careful balance of informative formatting and clean visuals, ensuring the user journey was as clear and intuitive as possible. Featuring everything from bespoke line art to story-driven imagery, we believe Fees Free’s new design tells the perfect story, from first searches to housewarming celebrations.




Although ‘kerb appeal’ can be everything in real estate, the same can’t be said for websites! Once we’d established a beautiful design, our development team got to work on the site’s functionality, ensuring its technical underpinning would work to support each and every moving part – from simple booking forms to complex calculators. With all elements tested and fully functional, it was time to complete the deal – handing over the ‘keys’ to Fees Free.




Though it’s early days yet, we like to think that the Fees Free Mortgages website is settling in well to its new digital space. Since its launch in September 2022, its performance has gone from strength to strength, gaining first-page keyword rankings across local SERPs for all-important terms including ‘Fees Free Mortgages’, ‘first-time buyer mortgages’, ‘free mortgage advice’, and more. Overall keyword performance has skyrocketed by X%.

For Martin and the team, these achievements in search translated directly to gains in click-throughs and conversions, allowing Fees Free Mortgages to help more first-time buyers than ever before make their first step onto the property ladder with ease.


Hear It From Our Client

The team at GLO helped me achieve the dream website for my new business. GLO allowed me to focus on building my business whilst taking care of the digital marketing side. The result has been an intelligent website which is able to provide insight into my visitors, which will be crucial in deciding on marketing strategies. As a new business start-up, GLO helped me by creating a plan which allowed me to achieve milestones and budget accordingly. They always came in within budget, and well in advance of our agreed deadlines.


Martin Bright Director, Fees Free Mortgages

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