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Loft Insulation Lead Generation: Loft Insulation Installer

Loft Insulation Installer Timeline

December 2021 - Ongoing

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Loft Insulation Installers: Helping Suppliers Find Buyers

GLO launched Loft Insulation Installers with industry-wide change on the mind. Aiming to transform lead generation for the better, this website and marketing consortium exists with the sole purpose of capturing genuinely interested buyers – passing them from SERP forms to the sales office of our local insulation partner in just minutes. The best part? Every aspect is inbound, no cold calls required. 

Our team know that finding high-quality leads can be a struggle for businesses of any size. That’s why we developed our revolutionary inbound lead generation service. 

By creating a beautifully designed, fully informative lead generation website on our client’s behalf and obtaining contacts through voluntary sign-ups, GLO’s lead generation experts are able to bring highly interested prospects directly to them.

In the case of Loft Insulation Installers, GLO’s experts set up a specialised website advertising sustainable options such as sheep wool, recycled plastic, and foil loft insulation available for fitting across the nation with an instant consultation CTA. Designed on a strong foundation of keyword research, data, analytics, and optimization, and backed by a strong Google Ads campaign, this site is now visible to just the right audience, drawing in hot leads ready to arrange a callback and make a booking. Our client, a local loft insulation installation company, simply pays commission per lead on a basis tailored to their needs! 


  • Roll out branding guidelines perfect for the insulation industry
  • Design and develop a responsive, optimised website to house Loft Insulation Installers’ key CTA
  • Craft a high-performance Google Ads campaign reflective of the site’s very best offerings and current government incentives 
  •  Refer more leads than ever before to our client


  • Branding to be proud of. Our graphic design gurus created industry-leading imagery and groundbreaking guidelines, including a refreshed logo perfectly representing the installation craft.
  • A site built from the ground up. The Loft Insulation Installer website is a perfect balance of creative flair and tech know-how built to rank high in search, and convert browsers to prospective buyers. 
  • PPC Performance. GLO’s data-driven, immaculately structured Google Ads campaign continues to provide a steady flow of quality leads to this day.
  • Homes insulated, sales made, ROI gained. Our inbound lead generation package has drawn in hundreds of hot leads in just six months.

The GLO Effect

See the Stats

+ 1100

Leads Since January 2022

+ £400K

Sales Revenue to Date

How We Did it

Our Inbound Lead Generation Process


Discovery and Drafting

After a set of discovery meetings with the client, GLO got to work – drawing up a comprehensive inbound lead generation strategy suited to the insulation installation industry. The end result? Complete plans for a lead generation website, Google Ads campaign, social media profiles and a final, data-driven project title; Loft Insulation Installers. After approval from the client, our graphic design gurus got to work, crafting an intricate set of unique brand guidelines upon which each element of the package would be based. 



GLO’s in-house SEO web designs are the beating heart of each of our inbound lead gen packages. Loft Insulation Installers was no different.  In order to get generating, our team first needed to launch an anchor site, meaning there was research to be done!


The first step in delivering prospects straight to our client’s door was building a foundation for optimisation. By using techniques such as keyword research to discover exactly what their ideal customer was looking for, our content team was able to produce the perfect content to match search intent, ensuring absolute visibility across SERPs and advertising slots. 



After narrowing down a list of keywords and producing folders full of optimised written content, it was time to begin bringing the Loft Insulation Installers campaign to life. For this loft insulation lead generation project, GLO’s design team worked closely in line with the brand guidelines created in the discovery phase for all visual elements including the website and PPC imagery, using a palette of blues, reds, and whites to deliver a professional, trustworthy appearance across the board whilst ensuring that the user journey was simple, intuitive, and led directly to the site’s primary CTA. 



At GLO, we know functionality is key to success. Once our designs were greenlit and good to go, the team continued with the finalisation of the campaign’s anchor piece; the website. Underpinning every element of our designers’ vision with a strong technical backend, GLO’s development team worked tirelessly to ensure that the Loft Insulation Installers website was just as practically sound as it was aesthetically pleasing. With the site prepared for launch, the campaign’s Google Ads were drafted by our in-house specialists using a huge collection of data derived during discovery.



Launch day came quickly for this lead generation project! In under a month, every element of the Loft Insulation Installers campaign had flown from discovery to domination. Since finding its home at the top of SERPs for terms including ‘supasoft loft insulation installers’, ‘recycled plastic loft insulation installers’, ‘superfoil loft insulation installers’, and more, this lead gen website has driven bookings from homeowners across the UK.

In fact, just six months from first going live, the campaign in its entirety has generated almost 300 leads for our client, translating directly into solid ROI.

Hear It From Our Client

GLO is exceptional and brilliant with lead generation; they’ve done a lot more than just deliver leads. Their team has contributed to a third of our turnover based on those leads, which has been amazing. Overall, it has been a great experience.  The leads that GLO provide contribute to a third of my turnover, and the cost per sale is 12%, which is outstanding — it’s a no-brainer.

Ron Spence RJ Insulation

Discover the Loft Insulation Installer Lead Generation Website for Yourself

Could You Be Our Next Inbound Lead Generation Client?

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Here at GLO, we believe lead generation should be done differently. Rather than wasting time chasing random contacts or spending hours on phone calls, we work to bring the customer directly to you. 

Team up with us, and we’ll create and manage an industry-focused landing page or website on your behalf. After your chosen asset is up, running, and ranking, we’ll refer contact form sign-ups, phone calls, and email inquiries straight to your office – giving you the connections you crave without the cost or hassle of launching your own site. In short, we make lead generation simple.

To start your inbound lead generation journey and join the ranks of Loft Insulation Installer, simply sign up for a free, no-obligation consultation today. Let’s make something great together.    

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