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CrossFit Gym Web Design: Orwell Fitness

Orwell Fitness Timeline

September 2021 - January 2022

Helping Orwell Fitness Hit New SERP PBs

Orwell Fitness is an Ipswich-based gym offering fitness classes and training opportunities for all abilities. From WOD, body conditioning, and gymnastics, to weightlifting, strongman classes, personal training, and open gym sessions, this CrossFit-driven community truly has an option for everyone. Its new SEO web design showcases all this and more. 

First established by Kirsty Turner and Darren Hotten in 2018, Orwell recently doubled its class numbers, helping existing clients hit new PBs across the board – but struggled to see these successes reflected in SERPs.

With the aim of reaching more new clients, Kirsty and Darren opted to switch up their strategy. They approached GLO seeking a digital solution as high-impact and results-driven as their workout programmes. We worked alongside them to shape a bespoke SEO web design they could be proud of, built to smash ranking records, embody the gym’s strong values, and, most importantly, bring new members from search results straight to their state-of-the-art ‘box’.


  • Design and launch an optimised gym website
  • Set new ranking PBs in SERPs
  • Showcase Orwell Fitness’ strengths – from fitness classes to facilities 
  • Get clients from search engine to sign-up with a free trial CTA


  • A before and after to behold! The GLO team delivered a visually stunning, beautifully functional web build optimised from the get-go.
  • SERP successes! The new Orwell Fitness site has shot straight to the no.1 spot in Google for key terms like ‘CrossFit Ipswich’ thanks to our innovative, data-driven content and design.
  • User-driven design. Orwell Fitness’ SEO web design swaps dull timetables for engaging content and CTAs designed for both new and return fitness fanatics. 
  • Feet through the door and onto the mat. Our ‘Free Trial’ CTA has brought more new members to Orwell than ever before. That’s the power of SEO and CRO!

The GLO Effect

See the Stats

+ 528%

Keyword Performance

+ 436%

Avg. Page Impressions

How We Did it

Our Gym Website Design Process



Every great idea starts with a conversation. After a few consultations with Darren and Kirsty, the GLO team were able to put together a clear vision of the best possible ‘Rx’ for the new Orwell website – gaining insight from their business goals, philosophy, personal class overviews, and existing brand guidelines, alongside an analysis of their existing website, and of competitors. Our experts ultimately proposed a full-scale SEO web design; an innovative offering with an equal focus on both aesthetics and optimisation from the ground up.



Once our initial plans and sitemap had been given the green light, GLO’s in-house copywriting team got on the case – carefully selecting heavyweight, high-performance keyphrases to be used in content across the site as a tool for informing, converting, and ranking. As with all GLO SEO web builds, this optimised content became the foundation of Orwell’s new site structure – ensuring each and every element was built on user intent and backed with solid evidence to match. After the first page of content was approved, design kicked off – ‘Rx’d as Rx’d’.



Our unique approach put visuals front and centre at this stage of the process. For this gym web design project, GLO’s graphic design gurus crafted a clean, modern, and on-brand design in line with Kirsty and Darren’s vision, making use of their existing library of high-quality imagery and video to gain an extra edge over competitors. Combined with a sweeping palette of blues, greys, and whites, intuitive navigational experience, and UX-driven layout, we had a high-performance site ready for realisation – or, in CrossFit speak, a ‘firebreather’. 



A beautiful site is brilliant, but won’t succeed without an intuitive, UX-driven backend! GLO’s talented WordPress web developers built upon our growing foundation of work, producing a fully functional set of web pages. Whilst staying true to our designers’ vision, their standout contributions to the technical side of the site carefully attract and guide Orwell’s ideal audiences directly from SERPs to free trial and membership sign-ups across any screen size or browser – desktop or mobile – all whilst tracking and retaining data to be used to refine future performance.



Since the site’s launch, it’s truly gone from strength to strength. We’ve observed significant upward trajectories in critical keyword rankings across the board (528% increase in keyword ranking, anyone?), with impressions increasing by 436% and conversion rates hitting 1.3%. Plus, Orwell Fitness has already cinched some of the top spots in search for key terms including ‘CrossFit Ipswich’ and ‘Gym Ipswich’ – so we’re beyond excited to see the full effects of their new SEO web design. The best is yet to come!

Hear It From Our Client

The team at GLO were very thorough right from our very first meeting to discuss the new website build and design. It was very important for us to showcase what we offer and the team have created a great flow on the website that gives a true insight into our offerings here at Orwell Fitness.

We are thrilled with the finished product! Thank you GLO!

Darren Hotten Director, Orwell Fitness

Discover the Orwell Fitness Website for Yourself

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