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Branding, SEO Web Design & Social Media Marketing: RJ Insulation

Transforming RJ Insulation’s Online Presence

RJ Insulation is a nationwide insulation installation company, offering a wide range of premium, eco-friendly insulation services. With years of combined experience, outstanding reviews, and an impressive list of qualifications, certifications, and accreditations, the company had already established themselves as one of the most dependable insulation installation firms in the country. RJ Insulation approached GLO to help transform their online presence, with the aim to reflect and promote the company’s premium offering. 

GLO delivered, from designing a distinctive new visual identity, to creating a bespoke new website, optimised Google Ads campaign, and effective social media marketing strategy to showcase the company’s services. The result? A consistent flow of qualified leads for the business. 

Since launching the new website, GLO’s experienced graphic designers have continued to roll out RJ Insulation’s new visual identity across numerous brand communications, from guarantee certificates to vehicle graphics – resulting in a cohesive and consistent brand experience for customers.


  • Create a new visual identity and logo for RJ Insulation that reflects the company’s premium and sustainable offering.
  • Develop a set of brand guidelines to provide direction and ensure consistency when implementing RJ Insulation’s new visual identity.
  • Design and launch an optimised website to showcase RJ Insulation’s sustainable insulation installation services and their benefits, while supporting business growth by generating leads and enquiries to pass on to their sales team. 
  • Rank high in SERPs for relevant keywords/phrases and rival local competitors. 
  • Increase leads and sales using an optimised Google Ads campaign and social media marketing to drive traffic to the new website. 


  • A brand new visual identity and logo that speaks of RJ’s high-quality, eco-friendly insulation services, stands out amongst competitors, and can support the company’s growth moving forward – ready to roll out across all brand communications.
  • Comprehensive yet easy-to-follow brand guidelines that enhance the customer experience by ensuring consistency across all brand communications. 
  • A bespoke new website implementing RJ Insulation’s new visual identity – fully optimised for desktop and mobile, and ready to perform even before launch.
  • SERP success! The new insulation company website dominates search results for key terms including ‘RJ Insulation’, ‘loft insulation installers, ‘eco friendly loft insulation installers’, ‘sustainable loft insulation installers’, and more!
  • Leads galore! RJ Insulation’s new website makes it easier than ever for visitors to make an enquiry or book a consultation with smart CTA placement and an accessible contact form, resulting in an abundance of leads. Optimised Google Ads and strategic social media management drive additional traffic to the website, helping to secure even more conversions and sales.

The GLO Effect

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+ 1338.46%

Keyword Performance in 3 months


Qualified Leads in 3 months


ROI in 3 months

How We Did it

Our Insulation Company Branding & Marketing Process



Here at GLO, we know that successful branding starts with an in-depth understanding of your business goals and personality. We worked closely with RJ Insulation to establish what they wanted to achieve and get to know their audience and competitors, before devising an effective brand strategy to inform the creative process.


Brainstorming & Initial Concepts

With RJ Insulation’s goals, values, and audience in mind, our design team began brainstorming ideas and visuals for the insulation company’s new visual identity. The rebrand needed to speak of RJ’s premium and sustainable insulation services, stand out amongst competitors, and be flexible enough to apply across an array of digital and physical touchpoints – from a new website and social media content, to ad creatives, print collateral, vehicle graphics, and more. We then presented our initial concepts to the team at RJ Insulation, allowing us to build on their preferred creative direction. 


Design & Development

With a creative direction approved, our designers worked to further develop the new visual identity, ensuring everything from colours and typography to image treatment and tone of voice was considered. 


A palette of emerald green and gold highlights RJ’s sustainable and premium offering, accompanied by a rich navy blue that speaks of the company’s professionalism. Rather than using generic imagery of tradesmen installing rolls of insulation, we shifted the focus to eco-friendly insulation materials (think plastic bottles and woolly sheep) to engage audiences and instantly separate RJ from their competitors. The new logo depicts a house made up of RJ’s initials, reflecting the company’s reliable home insulation services.


We then put together a comprehensive brand guidelines document to provide direction when implementing RJ Insulation’s new image, ensuring consistent translation across all media. 


Web Design & Implementation

With a new logo and brand guidelines ready to go, it was time to start working on the new insulation company website. GLO’s SEO copywriters worked alongside our design team to ensure consistent tone of voice and produce user-friendly content that would drive traffic to the site, targeting key insulation industry search terms throughout. Combined with UX-driven page layouts, the new site is informative and easy to navigate, driving visitors straight to an integrated consultation booking form. 

As well as the new website, we also began rolling out the new visual identity across other brand touchpoints, including print communications and vehicle graphics, creating a cohesive and memorable brand experience for customers. 


Social Media Management & Google Ads

With the aim to grow RJ Insulation’s online presence and attract even more site traffic, GLO’s social media specialists devised an effective social media marketing and online advertising strategy. 

Utilising both Instagram and Facebook to showcase and promote the company’s premium, eco-friendly insulation materials and services, we created a set of post templates and comprehensive social media management plan, allowing us to schedule and share content on a regular basis. With a focus on engaging imagery that highlights the RJ’s uniquely sustainable offering, accompanied by CTA’s directing viewers to the new website, this has helped to grow an organic following and attract further interest in the company’s services. 

We also set up a fully optimised Google Ads campaign to directly target specific audiences, further increasing site traffic and enquiries.



Since launching the new website, RJ Insulation have enjoyed the GLO effect, day-in, day-out. Thanks to built-in optimisation combined with distinctive and memorable branding that showcases RJ’s professionalism, the site has achieved incredible results, gaining first-page keyword rankings for numerous insulation company search terms. This translates to a consistent flow of qualified leads and conversions – supporting the insulation company’s growth and delivering a whopping 900% return on their investment in our branding, web design, and digital marketing services.

Hear It From Our Client


“We wanted more business, so we hired GLO to help us generate more leads… The results of our engagement have been brilliant. In the current month alone, they’ve achieved a little under 100 enquiries, and we’re halfway through the month. So far, we’ve achieved 761 leads in total, which is absolutely staggering. Regarding our ROI, we’ve spent around £30,000 and gotten £300,000 worth of business in return. Every lead GLO generates is worth £400 to our company, which is amazing. GLO is exceptional and brilliant with lead generation; they’ve done a lot more than just deliver leads. Their team has contributed to a third of our turnover based on those leads, which has been amazing. Overall, it has been a great experience.”

Ron Spence Director at RJ Insulation

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