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Ingot Services are a nationwide industrial kitchen cleaning and disinfection company specialising in commercial duct cleaning. Having 25 years of experience, vast knowledge of the industry regulations across the team and service outlets from Aberdeen to Truro and from West Wales to East Anglia, Ingot Services are an excellent choice for any hospitality business looking to maintain a safe, clean environment and meet insurance conditions.

John Lasbrey, the manager of the Ipswich branch, where the business originates from, came to GLO looking to refresh the branding and redesign the company website. They were looking to add pages detailing the different services they offer, including the most recent addition – Covid 19 Disinfection Services – as well as modernise the design and showcase the ‘golden standard’ their cleaning services come with.


January 2021 – February 2021


Web Design, SEO, SEO Copywriting, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

SEO Web Design & Digital Marketing - Ingot Services Project
Their objectives were to:
  • Revamp the logo and branding
  • Develop a multi-page website that demonstrates the premium and compliant service Ingot Services offers
  • Produce a website that performs well in organic searches and brings in visitors who are more likely to become qualified leads
  • Offer enough points of contact and build trust by demonstrating accreditation badges to make it easy and encouraging for the visitor to use Ingot Services
Project outcomes:
  • Updated and rejuvenated branding that represents the high standard of services offered
  • A contemporary, multi-page website optimised for conversions
  • Accurate, informative and SEO-friendly website content that brings in targeted web users and provides the visitor with what they need
Having been impressed with GLO’s recent web design projects and reviews, I approached John for refresh of the Ingot Services website and branding. I’m was pleasantly surprised with how his team took the time to understand the brief, give suggestions and the focus they showed on our brand. GLO was fast to respond to any queries or revisions and kept us updated at every step of the process. GLO took everything out of our hands, from logo design and branding to copywriting and web design, allowing us to carry on with our day jobs after a simple thumbs up. Everyone at Ingot Services are very happy with the new branding as well as the look and functionality of the website. I would recommend GLO to anyone that want to transform their online presence on site and in search.

We achieved results with Web Design, SEO, SEO Copywriting & CRO

1 – Boosting search engine rankings and driving relevant traffic with SEO Copywriting

Working cohesively as a team is key to completing multidimensional projects successfully. While the designer was refreshing the logo and updating the branding kit to deliver visuals that paint a picture of the professional and high-quality service that Ingot Services provide our SEO experts took the time to research keywords that would match the user intent of their ideal customer and provide Ingot Services with a competitive edge in search engine results pages amongst their competition. This keyword strategy helped our content specialist to ensure the copy, whilst being factual and informative, would also help to improve the website rankings.

2 – Developing a contemporary website with updated branding and user interface optimised for conversions

By completing the SEO copywriting before mocking up the site layout, we were able to provide our designer with a much clearer vision of what needs to be included on each page. This, together with the updated branding paved the way for developing a website design that welcomes visitors with its contemporary style and exemplifies the company’s work through the strategic use of premium-quality imagery.

The design features multiple points of contact, which help to boost the conversion rate. Similarly, having the numerous accreditation badges centrally displayed on the homepage, as well as the relevant service pages, allows Ingot Services’ clients to quickly assess whether their service is going to meet their needs in terms of achieving the hygiene standards required by the insurance providers.

Web Design SEO & Digital Marketing - GLO Project - Ingot Services

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