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Grant Cullen is a leadership and management coach and trainer with over 25 years of experience working with key contributors and leaders across all sectors, including financial services, engineering, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, social enterprise, local government and SMEs. His strong focus on uncovering what is true for each individual in order to put them in the best position and let them grow and succeed has been recognised and awarded with the UK National Training Award for a Senior Leadership Training and Coaching Programme.

Grant was referred to GLO by his own coach, who has worked with us in the past and highly recommended our services. He was seeking to develop a multi-page website and to build up a profile for his brand in the online world. This resulted in us also taking care of his branding, including the logo and setting up profiles on relevant directories and social media platforms. The project has now moved into the next phase – the digital marketing efforts, which consist of Google Ads Management.


December 2020 – Ongoing


Web Design, SEO, SEO Copywriting, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Google Ads Management

SEO Web Design & Digital Marketing - Grant Cullen Coaching Project
Their objectives were to:
  • Develop a website that would demonstrate Grant’s expertise and drive relevant traffic from organic searches
  • Create branding that translates the premium service Grant Cullen Coaching offers
  • Optimise the website to convert website visitors into leads & provide an ultimate user experience on all devices and screen sizes
  • Continue with ongoing digital marketing efforts
Project outcomes:
  • Company branding and logo
  • Optimised, modern website with friendly UI, dynamic content & multiple points of contact
  • Website copy that matches Grant Cullen Coaching’s voice and performs well in search engines
Their responsiveness is what I found most impressive. They proactively take things to the next step. I never have to wonder about what’s going on.

We achieved results with Web Design, SEO, SEO Copywriting & CRO

1 – Establishing the brand with an attractive logo design

When Grant came to us he didn’t have a logo for his new business. Our designer created a few different logo designs and through a series of conversations with Grant, we were able to arrive at a logo that translated the idea of the coaching service as a way for the individual to navigate through the intricacies of identifying their truth. The final logo design not only demonstrated the uncovering and unlocking of one’s potential but also contains Grant’s initials, making it more personal and demonstrating Grant as the solution. 

2 – Boosting search engine rankings and driving relevant traffic with SEO Copywriting

While the designer was working on the logo the rest of the team were able to continue with the groundwork for the website design. Our SEO expert performed thorough keyword research and compiled lists of competitive keywords per page which, based on data, would allow Grant Cullen Coaching website to raise up in Google rankings over time. This then guided the choice of headings and page titles and ultimately helped our content specialist produce copy for each page that would further increase the effectiveness of the on-page SEO efforts.

2 – Developing a website with intuitive UX while using dynamic content and offering multiple points of contact

With a clear idea of what sections are required on each page of the website in order to include the right amount of content and strategically wrap it with the right heading tags, our web developer produced a clean, intuitive user interface that offers multiple points of contact throughout the website. Since Grant Cullen Coaching operates in the service industry where consumers make decisions based on trust, our team encouraged Grant to produce video content for the key pages on the site. This not only keeps the visitor engaged but allows potential leads to get to know Grant and build that trust relationship from the first website visit.

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Web Design SEO & Digital Marketing - GLO Project - Grant Cullen Coaching

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