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Electric Scooter Kids are a new online electric scooter retailer and Razer scooter stockist offering a wide range of electric scooters for kids and teens. Spurred by the continual and fast-growing popularity of electric scooters across all demographics, they contacted GLO seeking a brand new optimised e-commerce site featuring their distinctive colour palette, a blog section, and product listings that appealed to both kids and parents. Here’s how we took their online presence from 0 to 100.


May 2021 – Ongoing


Web Design, SEO, SEO Copywriting, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Google Ads Management

Electric Scooter Kids SEO Web Design
Their objectives were to:
  • Rank well in SERPs for target keywords such as ‘Electric Scooters for Kids’
  • Convert web visitors in e-scooter sales using web design that appeals to both kids and parents
  • Develop a functional e-commerce store
Project outcomes:
  • An on-brand, fully optimised, and informative website
  • Full e-commerce functionality, with sales on the launch date.
  • Over 600 web visitors within 1 week of launch
Fantastic experience working with the team. Took a concept to delivery in less than a month. Brought a real enthusiasm and wealth of ideas to the project. A pleasure working with them! Highly recommend.

We achieved results with Web Design, SEO, SEO Copywriting & CRO

1 – Discovery and research phase

An optimised sitemap is the best foundation for a site built to dominate. When putting together Electric Scooter Kids’ initial plans and wireframe, our team conducted extensive keyword and competitor research to uncover high-performance, high potential product categories and pages such as ‘Girls Electric Scooters’ ‘Boys Electric Scooters’ and ‘Teens Electric Scooters’.

2 – Dominating in search with an optimised e-commerce web design

A solid SEO strategy is just as vital to the success of an e-commerce site as good design. Our experts know this – that’s why they pride themselves on delivering a perfectly balanced combination of both.

We worked alongside Electric Scooter Kids to create a site visually appealing to both kids and parents, whilst employing CRO and SEO throughout, boosting rankings using optimised copy, product descriptions, meta titles, and more – all of which was based on extensive research surrounding keywords and user intent. To further this, we added a host of data-driven content features such as FAQs and blog posts, helping establish Electric Scooter Kids as an online authority on the topic of electric scooters, and attract a whole host of new visitors ready to buy. The result? The site is now performing exceptionally well in SERPs and delivers a brilliantly intuitive user experience from landing through to purchase – converting quickly and effectively.

2 – Reaching further with Google Ads

Having achieved such strong results post-launch, Electric Scooter Kids have opted to continue their partnership with GLO in the form of Google Ads campaigns – a surefire way to build upon the success of their new site and the popularity of their product range. Though this phase of the project has only just begun, we’re beyond excited to see the results and know that Electric Scooter Kids couldn’t be in better hands.

Electric Scooter Kids SEO Website Design

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