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Bosch Auto Service are a Hitchin-based comprehensive vehicle service centre specialising in the repair, maintenance, and tuning of German cars, including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Mini, alongside prestige car brands such as Range Rover & Jaguar. They approached GLO seeking a visually impressive, multi-page website with an integrated booking system, optimised to target a valuable and specific audience – local German car owners. We delivered.


October 2020 – Ongoing


Web Design, SEO & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Digital Marketing - Bosch Auto Service Web Design Project
Their objectives were to:
  • Create an optimised website with a premium appearance geared towards local German car owners
  • Generate high-value leads and conversions using SEO
  • Improve organic search rankings in Hertfordshire, and beyond
Project outcomes:
  • A modern, fully optimised website, premium in appearance and UX
  • 1st place search rankings for the majority of targeted keywords
  • Significant increase in relevant, high-value leads
Their team of web designers and digital marketers didn’t disappoint. They’re professional, friendly and overall great people to deal with.

We achieved results with Web Design, SEO & CRO

1 – Optimised Website Redesign

GLO’s previous collaborations with Bosch Car Service helped guide our specialists in their creation of a website within Bosch guidelines, built to increase conversions through optimally crafted UX, and integrated SEO. Our combination of premium imagery with functional navigation and an integrated booking system resulted in the creation of a website truly reflective of the client’s specialisms – particularly their expertise in the realm of German cars.

2 – Search Engine Optimisation

With much of the client’s objective revolving around the targeting of a specific, local audience, SEO was the key to this digital marketing strategy’s success. Our search experts undertook extensive keyword and competitor research throughout the web development and design process, piecing together meta descriptions, titles, and content optimised to take advantage of high performance, relevant keywords and phrases, ensuring every aspect of the client’s website matched their desired client’s search intent.

In addition to this, our team of content specialists worked to produce an extensive set of search data-led FAQs answering highly searched questions surrounding German car servicing, tuning, and repair, built to bring in relevant leads not necessarily aware of the client’s business, or the service required. These FAQs, combined with our extensive SEO focused copywriting, have helped establish Bosch Auto Service as an online authority on the topic of German car servicing, boosting rankings, impressions, and conversions significantly.

Digital Marketing - Bosch Auto Service Website Design
Digital Marketing - Bosch Auto Service SEO Stats

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