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Drive conversions with customisation using GLO’s Xero bespoke DOCX branding themes, expertly crafted by our team of in-house branding specialists and graphic designers.
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Now more than ever, your customers are seeking a brand experience – not just a transaction. Our experts have worked to evolve invoices into a tool that delivers both.

Unlock the full potential of your brand voice with our custom Xero branding template design service. Created and implemented by experienced marketing specialists and graphic designers, this innovative offering is designed to ensure your brand’s voice is heard at the most vital point of the customer journey – the end of the sales funnel.

GLO’s custom Xero branding template designs upgrade the documents you generate through your accounting software, helping you stand out from the crowd and close the deal with sharp-looking, on-brand stationery. Team up with us, and our designers will transform your most-used documents, including proposals, quotes, invoices, customer credit notes, purchase orders, and customer statements into sleek tools for conversion and communication.

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    Xero Branding Theme Design Process

    Using our carefully optimised process, our designers work as a seamless extension of your brand, delivering fully bespoke DOCX designs with the power to connect and convert, every time.

    Provide Project Brief
    Get started by completing the contact form below; let us know the types of documents you’d like to have customised, specify your brand colours, and discuss the layout you’re looking for - the more information, the better. Unsure of where to go with your design? Why not give us a call.
    Get Quote & Pay Online
    We put together a quote based on your project brief form covering all of the custom DOCX branding themes discussed. As our templates are fully bespoke, this quote is specific to your requirements. When you’re happy with our proposal, you can pay quickly and easily online.
    Receive First Draft
    Our designers use your brief to inform and create highly functional custom templates for your requested documents types, ensuring they meet the exact specifications of your accounting software. When complete, we send a first draft, including dummy data, in PDF format for your review.
    Feedback and Revisions
    We understand how important it is to get your custom DOCX templates just right. For this reason, we provide three free revisions, meaning you can provide us with as much feedback as you like in order to get the design to the point that satisfies you. A fee will be charged for any additional design or layout amendments.
    Receive Final DOCX Files
    Once the revision and feedback stage is complete, we work to finalise the design and template. Your final files are rigorously tested, ensuring that they work effectively, and format information correctly. After testing is complete, we provide you with the final custom DOCX branding theme files, which you’ll be able to easily upload to your Xero account.

    Connect & Convert with Custom DOCX Branding Themes

    GLO’s custom invoice branding service transforms a simple admin task into a vital tool, highlighting the best aspects of your business, delivering a competitive edge, and continuing a direct and meaningful connection with customers at the end of the sales funnel.

    Reinforce your Brand
    GLO understands the importance of aligning content and brand. Our invoice branding options are designed on a fully tailored basis to meet the precise requirements of both businesses and customers, ensuring your brand is perfectly represented across every document and platform, even at the end of a transaction.
    Enhance Customer Experience
    GLO’s experienced design and branding team take pride in working as an extension of your business, delivering easy-to-use, fully-branded DOCX templates for invoices, proposals, quotes, and more. Our dedication to balancing beauty and functionality helps build an exceptional, consistent, and functional customer experience.
    Save Time
    GLO’s custom DOCX branding themes are designed to save you valuable time in perfectly packaging proposals with a cover page, brochure pages, personalised messages, images, custom headings and terms and conditions pages into one document. In addition, our proposal and quote documents can be converted into an invoice quickly and easily.
    Impress & Convert Leads
    The quoting and proposal stage is a crucial factor in conversion. Our beautifully designed, on-brand proposals optimise every opportunity to win over leads, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to brand-building and professionalism, alongside the high standard of services they can expect from you.
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    We’re a dynamic team composed of a powerful mix of expert designers, brand specialists, and experienced digital marketers, combining knowledge and expertise to create DOCX templates that deliver.

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    As a leading Xero branding template design agency, we’re proud to deliver complete solutions to our clients, bringing together experts from a number of sectors to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard.

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    This is what a good employer looks like. If you value a positive working environment, want to learn at least a few new things every day, and want to immerse yourself in all the different facets of digital marketing (from PPC ads, to SEO, to website design and beyond) whilst earning qualifications, then this is your place. 10/10 would recommend, roll on the future!

    Callum Marshall Avatar
    Callum Marshall

    After noticing a slow down of new leads despite spending quite a lot of money of Google Smart Ads we contacted John at GLO.

    John was open and honest with us from the start and we tasked him with creating and maintaining an "expert google ad" with half the budget as our smart ads. Within days of John doing his thing we were inundated with new leads at a higher rate than ever before at half the daily cost.

    John, you are some sort of mystical digital marketing guru. If there's customers out there for your product/service, John is the man the help them find you!

    L L Avatar
    L L

    GLO is an amazing company to work for, offering a huge number of professional and educational opportunities across digital marketing, web design, and more. Their friendly, data-driven culture is ideal for those looking to combine their creative and analytical sides to produce genuine results. Highly recommended!

    Beth Craig Avatar
    Beth Craig

    The guys at GLO ,designed a new web site for my business, it was excellent and looked great .Cant thank them enough .Would recommend .thanks .

    R .A Harvey Avatar
    R .A Harvey

    Since moving our Google advertising to John and the team at GLO we have seen a month on month increase in sales and website traffic beyond what we thought would be possible. This combined with fantastic customer service, and a team who actually wanted to understand our business makes working with GLO one of the best decisions as a company we have ever made.

    Alexander Boggis Avatar
    Alexander Boggis

    The first day I met John Parnell, I liked him and knew it was going to be him to make our website, I didn't even think about price or competition I just thought GLO feels right and I haven't been disappointed, They are amazing and I'm so happy they are part of my own business Journey.
    I would recommend them in a heartbeat professional ,caring and very responsive to all ways of communication.

    Thank You so much generate leads online ❤

    John Bree Avatar
    John Bree

    John has done outstanding work for us. Being the sceptical sod I am I had him do a sample page to test the quality of works within a week his one obscure sample page was outperforming my homepage on google and winning me customers. Looking forward to working with you again soon!

    Adam Scott Avatar
    Adam Scott

    GLO have been running our ads for several months now and it has led to a positive ROI and lots of good quality leads. They also assisted in getting our website looking great and are always on hand to help out.

    Milo Dunne Avatar
    Milo Dunne

    Trusted Custom Xero Invoice Designerss

    Our talented team of experts can help you transform your Xero, or Quickbooks DOCX branding themes into visually stunning, fully functional templates, built to drive conversions.
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    If you’re looking for a dynamic custom DOCX branding agency delivering high-quality templates, get in touch with GLO. Our branding and design specialists work holistically to create visually stunning, highly versatile, and fully functional custom invoice, quote, and proposal templates made to ensure your business is perfectly represented at every touchpoint.

      Custom Xero Invoice Design FAQ’s

      What is branded invoicing?

      The term “branded invoicing” generally refers to the way in which an invoice is styled or designed, in line with a company, product, or service’s ‘look’ or ‘aesthetic’. Branded invoices elevate the traditional ‘bare bones’ design of administrative documents, and may include brand colours, logos, fonts, imagery, or any other distinctive features in line with the sender’s image.

      Branded or customised invoicing is an excellent tool for brand messaging and communication, delivering a strong message of professionalism to potential customers at a key point in the sales funnel. In its building of a strong brand through design, branded invoicing helps build an ongoing connection with leads, improve the customer, experience, and perhaps most importantly, drives conversion.

      What should be included on an invoice?

      Invoices can be customised to meet the precise needs of the sender, but typically need to include a unique ID number, company name, address and contact details, customer address and details (e.g. name), a clear (sometimes itemised) list of the service or goods you’re invoicing for, the date, the amount charged, and VAT.

      Though the information above is generally required to ensure an invoice functions as intended, many opt for customised or branded invoices with additional elements in line with the company image. The customised Xero and Quickbooks invoices provided by GLO typically include all of the above, in addition to images and graphics, brand colours, logos, tables, and watermarks.

      What is an invoice format?

      An invoice format is generally thought of as the layout of an invoice, in addition to the data fields and features included. Creating and delivering an effective invoice format is hugely important to the experience of the recipient, meaning it must typically be logical and functional.

      An invoice format is not, however, the same as an invoice template. A template is a pre-formatted invoice, with fields including dummy data that can be replaced with your own information.

      Commonly used accounting software including Xero and Quickbooks allow their users to generate invoices with pre-made templates whilst granting the ability to edit and amend their format to best suit your needs. General edits can be made to the invoice in this manner, however, if you’re looking for full creative freedom over the look and layout of your invoice and documents, GLO’s custom DOCX branding service is the best path to take.

      Why should I use invoice branding?

      Invoice branding is an innovative way to optimise an often overlooked tool, allowing companies and individuals to ensure their brand voice is heard at some of the most important points of the sales funnel - proposal, quoting, and invoicing. In submitting a professionally created, on-brand document, you’ll create or add to a perception of quality, trustworthiness, and professionalism, increasing your chances of conversion and fast payment. In addition to this, it is thought that well-made branded invoices are more likely to drive referrals.

      As mentioned above, our branding and customisation options are not solely limited to invoice documents. In line with modern accounting software such as Xero, we’re able to create stunning multi-page proposal templates, with the option of adding personal touches for each client, without having to convert your files to PDF every time. To further this, these quotes and proposals are simply converted into a quote with the click of a button, saving you valuable time, and improving the customer experience significantly.

      How do I import an invoice template into Xero?

      When designing a custom template for use in Xero, GLO manages as many of the more complex steps as possible for you, meaning all you have to do is upload the file. After approving and receiving your final DOCX file from us, you can import it by:

      1. Open Xero.
      2. Click your business name, open settings, and go into invoice settings.
      3. Select the new branding theme arrow then choose Custom.docx.
      4. Enter a name for your custom theme, and click OK.
      5. Click upload and select the option to browse for invoice. This will open your documents.
      6. Select and use your custom DOCX file.

      How do I import an invoice template into Quickbooks?

      When designing a custom template for use in Quickbooks, GLO manages as many of the more complex steps as possible for you, meaning all you have to do is upload the file. After approving and receiving your final DOCX file from us, you can import it by:

      1. Save the finished DOCX file to your computer.
      2. Open Quickbooks.
      3. Go to the settings icon on your dashboard, and select Quickbooks labs.
      4. Switch on the option to import styles, click done, and save changes.
      5. Click on the settings icon and select custom form styles.
      6. Select new style.
      7. Select import style. This will bring you to the first page of the ‘import your own form style’ process.
      8. Click the correct document in the dropdown menu under from type.
      9. Click browse, and select the final DOCX file, then click next.
      10. Ensure all document fields match those in Quickbooks. The number associated with each element of the uploaded document should correspond to those present in the table generated by Quickbooks. If these numbers don’t match, edits can be made by selecting the correct field name from the dropdown list in the correct row. Once everything matches, click next.
      11. Save your file and give it a name.

      What is a DOCX file?

      A DOCX file is a versatile Microsoft Word document, introduced as an upgrade to the commonly used doc file, able to contain text and other media, including images. Both file types are typically opened using Microsoft Word, but can also be read using a number of alternative programmes.

      DOCX files have gained popularity in recent years, primarily as a result of their versatility and advantages over doc files, which include:
      - Small file format
      - Available in XML for sharing
      - Can be read by many word processors, including Word, Google Docs, and Pages

      What is the difference between doc and DOCX files?

      Whilst both the doc and DOCX file types were developed by Microsoft, DOCX, introduced in 2003, and made the default save file for Word in 2017, is generally seen as the superior successor of doc.

      The primary difference between the two file types in the ‘openness’ of the DOX file type. Whilst doc files are saved in a binary file only accessible by Microsoft programmes, DOCX files are actually a zip file including all XML files related to the document. DOCX’s upgraded format allows the file to be opened with any zip compression software if you were to exchange the DOCX extension of the file with ZIP. In addition, DOCX’s upgraded setup makes files smaller in size, allowing for easy sharing (particularly through email), allows for the use of additional features not present in doc files.

      Which documents can you customise in Xero and Quickbooks?

      One of the many advantages of modern accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks is the level of customisation they allow. Each provides a select number of initial templates, which can be further customised by the user, in addition to the option to upload your own template. These templates are referred to as ‘branding themes’ by Xero, and ‘form styles’ by Quickbooks.

      The list of documents available for customisation in Xero and Quickbooks are very similar. Whilst Xero allows for the customisation of invoices, statements, credit notes, quotes, purchase orders, receipts, remittance advice, and proposals, Quickbooks allows for much of the same, allowing further the customisation of estimates.

      What program will open a DOCX file?

      DOCX files are incredibly versatile, and can generally be opened using any full reader application, with both free and paid options available for download. The main software on which they can be opened and edited is Microsoft Work (2007 and above), but DOCX files may also be accessed using the free programme ‘Word Viewer’, and non-Microsoft programs such as WPS, OpenOffice Writer, ONLYOFFICE, Google Docs, and Apple’s Pages application. The extent to which DOCX files can be edited using these programmes varies, however, GLO’s custom invoice DOCX files are sent in a perfected template format, meaning all our recipients need to do is upload the final DOCX file to their accounting software.


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