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Meet the digital marketing team with an appreciation for flawless code, stunning design, and optimised content. Our web designers craft visually stunning and technically effective platforms with direct action in mind.
Best SEO Web Design Agency Ipswich
Best SEO Web Design Agency Suffolk
Best SEO Website Design Agency Suffolk
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Our talented web designers believe effective web design and development is key to the online growth of any business. Bring them on board, and they’ll work as an extension of your brand, mixing creativity with online insight to develop a visually impressive bespoke site that truly works.

GLO website designs don’t just look good – they’re built with SEO and CRO at their core. Our professional web designers and SEO experts join forces to design websites that act as an independent sales department, converting visitors to leads on an increased basis by balancing their technical prowess with creative flair.

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    GLO’s Web Design Process

    GLO know that first impressions are everything in the world of web design. That’s why we create stunning, intelligent websites built on a strong foundation of insight-driven technical expertise, with the purpose of inspiring action – whether through lead generation or online purchases. Here’s how we make that happen;

    We understand the importance of your individual goals - meaning our experts will take the time to establish your business’ needs and objectives, with the goal of working as an extension of your brand. The discovery process allows us to create an accurate profile of your brand and audience, helping create and optimise a design fully suited to every aspect of your business.
    Competitive analysis is key to outperformance. After we’ve developed a solid understanding of your business, brand, and sector, we dig deeper. Using a powerful combination of our digital marketing expertise and extensive web design experience, our teamwork to uncover the best strategy to ensure your improved website performs above and beyond expectations.
    Web Design
    At the web design stage, our team create functional and effective wireframes tailored to the precise needs and objectives outlined in the discover and uncover phases. After approval, we begin to bring your new site to life, introducing colour, content, and imagery to your exact specification - offering expert guidance every step of the way.
    Web Development
    Web development turns plans into reality. At this stage, our developers select platforms best aligned with your business goals and requirements, customising them to match design intent, whilst ensuring the site can be scaled as your business grows.
    Website Testing
    Testing allows us to ensure all new site builds meet both our design standards and the needs of the user prior to launch. We’ll ensure the site looks and functions correctly across a number of browsers and screen sizes, in addition to applying national standard security measures and optimising the page load speed, helping ensure success from the second your site is launched.
    Web Analytics
    Our work doesn’t end at launch - that’s what makes us different. We believe in the power of data – meaning we use it to inform our web design strategy every step of the way, from the design of a bespoke site of action to post-launch performance tracking. By equipping each of our websites with tools and plug-ins such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEO Yoast, GLO’s experts work to optimise your online performance through continuous fine-tuning, ensuring your goals are achieved in an intelligent and sustainable manner.

    Results-Driven, Insight Led

    As a leading UK web design agency, with a unique focus on ROI and insights, GLO is the perfect choice for those looking to propel their business’ online presence to the next level. We’ll help improve every aspect of your website and online presence by combining beautiful visuals with strong technical strategy.

    Built for conversion
    Our web design experts understand the importance of performance, meaning they fully utilise their wide skill sets to produce intelligent websites built to convert. Outperforming basic sites in both functionality and results, GLO’s bespoke web design projects accurately track visitor behaviour, allowing for complete optimisation, and create an effective marketing funnel through the use of UI. These elements come together seamlessly to generate increased numbers of high-quality leads.
    SEO Driven
    GLO websites aren’t just visually outstanding - they’re built on a foundation of best-practice SEO, meaning they perform well on search engine result pages from the day of launch onwards, helping capture relevant users from across the web.
    Mobile Ready
    More than half of all website traffic happens on mobile. Our team believe that ensuring your site is mobile responsive is key to sustainable online success in light of this shift. We’ll ensure your new website is responsive, intuitive, and fully responsive across all mobile platforms, meaning your visitors have an outstanding experience regardless of device.
    Holistic Approach
    GLO believe that web design and digital marketing are integrative industries and processes. That’s why we’ve developed a holistic approach, allowing for the application of knowledge from individuals across a number of specialisms, and the full consideration of your long-term digital marketing goals throughout the design and development process.
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    We’re a dynamic team composed of a powerful mix of expert search marketers, experienced content specialists, and professional web designers, combining knowledge and expertise to create results-focused, fully tailored websites.

    Ready to get started?

    As a full-service digital marketing and web design agency, we’re proud to deliver complete solutions to our clients, bringing together experts from a number of sectors to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard.

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    Web Design Ipswich
    Website Design Suffolk
    Website Design Ipswich
    website design suffolk
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    With a proven track record of successes, we’ve worked with businesses and clients from a wide spectrum of industries and sectors on a national basis. Our services are comprehensive, our expertise is unrivalled, and our results speak for themselves – but don’t just take it from us. Discover what our clients have to say:

    John & his team were extremely detailed and professional throughout our time working together. We had very tight deadlines which GLO were able to meet and turned our project around in a matter of weeks.

    Tom Sunderland Avatar
    Tom Sunderland

    We have been using John and the team at GLO for more than a year now.Excellent service. Quality SEO.Highly recommend.

    Nayden Ivanov Avatar
    Nayden Ivanov

    John and his team really bought into our vision. The product they delivered was excellent and the additional tweaks and changes as we developed our service was never an issue. Highly recommended

    Damian Brown Avatar
    Damian Brown

    We have been using GLO for a couple of years now and we are still as pleased with their results as we were in the first few months. They communicate well, give sound advice and are extremely knowledgeable.I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their ratings on the internet.All Trans Autos Ltd

    Richard Bloomfield Avatar
    Richard Bloomfield

    A delightfully easy service delivered with passion and knowledge. Looking forward to working together in the future, and take advantage of the GLO effect! Thanks John.

    Daniel Dimoline Avatar
    Daniel Dimoline

    We've been using John and the team at GLO for only 3 months now since moving to Ipswich and the level of quality SEO and professionalism they offer is extremely high and arguably unbeatable. Monthly/Quarterly catch ups, they keep you updated on every detail and the difference to our website is unmeasurable from when they started until now. Do not look any further i promise you wont be disappointed, and we can say that as Prior to GLO we went to another SEO company in Ipswich and my god we the difference is like night and day. Thank you GLO and here's to the next stage of SEO with your amazing team. ..!!!

    david power Avatar
    david power

    It was a pleasure to work with GLO on the website for our rewards and recognition platform.The team is knowledgeable, friendly and professional and we were really happy with the final product, especially considering time constraints.

    Ben Hammond Avatar
    Ben Hammond

    I approached GLO for a rebrand, website re-design and SEO package. Right from the start I felt like a priority. The way the team look after their clients is top notch and the culture runs through the entire organisation, there wasn’t any idea or extra request that wasn’t met with enthusiasm and I was always kept informed of where the project was at.The quality of the website and brand that they have created for us is great. The website is beautiful and already ranking on first page Google searches, after less than a week! I could not recommend John and his team highly enough, and I can see us working with them for many years to come.

    Ben Grover Avatar
    Ben Grover

    Trusted web designers

    Our professional web designers are experts in their craft – delivering bespoke, insights-driven websites to satisfied clients on a regular basis. Capable of handling any web design challenge, GLO’s team are trusted by hundreds of businesses to create technically strong websites built to generate leads, and excel at what we do.
    John Parnell GLO Generate Leads Online
    John Parnell
    Lead Gen Director
    Tony Southgate - Digital Director at GLO
    Tony Southgate
    Digital Director
    GLO Generate Leads Online Kat Haladus
    Kat Haladus
    Marketing Manager
    Online Lead Generation Agency GLO Beth Craig Suffolk
    Beth Craig
    SEO Copywriter
    GLO Generate Leads Online Callum Marshall
    Callum Marshall
    SEO Consultant
    get Leads Online
    If you’re looking for a dynamic, results-driven web design agency passionate about generating leads online, get in touch with GLO. Our specialist website design team will work holistically as an extension of your business, optimising every element of your online presence, and helping build a website set to perform beyond expectation.

      Website Design FAQ’s

      How can I improve website performance?

      With the majority of users choosing to leave sites with loading times of over 3 seconds, ensuring your website performs well has never been more important. Make the most of the low bounce rates, higher rankings, and higher conversion rates experienced by high-performance websites using the following techniques;
      - Use a CDN (content delivery network) to shorten the distance between the user and web hosting server
      - Use a reputable, high-performance host. Those looking for guaranteed speed may look to switch from a sharing server to a dedicated server or VPN.
      - Compress image files where possible using online tools such as ImageOptim
      - Use only necessary plugins
      - Use website caching to avoid repeat rendering

      How can my website make money?

      It is entirely possible to design your website to function as an extension of your business’ sales department, helping make money for your business through conversion and lead generation.

      Optimising your website for conversions (also known as CRO) through design, effective layout, and the inclusion of technical SEO can help drive visitors from search results page to purchase or lead form, increasing your bottom line at little cost.

      Those looking for off-page techniques for conversion optimisation may wish to look into PPC and Google Ads campaigns.

      Discover how GLO’s digital marketing specialists can help optimise your website for conversion here or send us an email at We’ll be happy to help!

      Do I need a website if I have a Facebook Business page?

      The GLO team believe that websites are the key elements of businesses looking to establish a strong online presence. Though Facebook Business pages are a highly effective asset and digital marketing tool, websites allow for full control over the presentation of your business - offering bespoke functionality unavailable in social media page formats.

      Whilst Facebook Business pages limit your potential clientele to Facebook users, websites are near-universally accessible and allow for the implementation of organic optimisation methods such as SEO and CRO.

      In short, a standalone Facebook Business page may significantly limit your business’ growth - whilst the combination of a strong social media presence and optimised website will help you get ahead, and stay ahead of the crowd.

      How can I make websites look the same on all browsers and devices?

      Ensuring your website is fully responsive and optimised for use across all browsers and devices is hugely important, with mobile traffic more prevalent than ever. GLO’s web designers recommend the following steps to those looking to build a website functional on both mobile and desktop;

      - Ensure text and buttons are suitably sized across all screen dimensions and platforms
      - Conduct regular tests to ensure your website is mobile-friendly
      - Keep your web design simple and functional
      - Place all important information in easy-to-find locations
      - Optimise for high performance
      - Include an option allowing users to switch to desktop view
      Those looking to test their website for mobile usability can use Google’s ‘mobile-friendly test’ - a helpful tool allowing users to test whether or not their site is usable on mobile devices by simply pasting the URL. Google will provide a screenshot of the page’s mobile appearance, and provide a list of suggested improvements.

      How does website design affect sales?

      Many web designers argue that design and UX are king - they’re not wrong. Effective web design can be used to capture the user from landing page onwards, skillfully guiding them towards the client’s desired action. In addition to this, as the ability of developers and designers has evolved - the appearance and functionality of sites can have significant influence over the degree of trust held by the user - making or breaking conversions.

      Effective web design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing - it prioritises UX, and takes into account visitor intent and behaviour. Luckily for those looking to make independent website alterations, these factors may be analysed using the Hotjar Behavior Analysis tool.

      What is website hosting?

      Web hosting is an online service allowing for the launch and operation of websites, delegating users a portion of a web server for a monthly ‘hosting fee’, allowing for the storage of data, and letting users access and interact with the site on a continual basis.

      Website hosting is an imperative element of the launch and function of websites of any size or scope - as no site can exist on the internet without access to a sufficient web server. Though these servers may be purchased and run independently, they often require a significant upfront investment, costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Hosting offers a cost-effective solution to this, allowing for the ‘lease’ of web server space to any individual or business able to afford a comparatively small monthly fee.

      What is Web Design?

      Web design is a process of creating a design for a website, heavily involving both aesthetics, and functionality. Not to be confused with web development, web design involves extensive planning, conceptualisation, and content implementation across all pages of a website under construction. It’s a fast-evolving field, set to involve an increasing number of services and considerations revolving around user expectation and experience - particularly as a result of the number of device types used to browse websites - from mobile phones to car consoles.

      GLO’s team of professional web designers are highly experienced across every element of the web design process - and committed to further learning as the field evolves. We won’t just design you a beautiful site, we’ll ensure that it’s fully optimised, functional and responsive across all devices, and built with UX in mind.

      What is the difference between web design and web development?

      Whilst web designers work to create a website design, focusing on aesthetics alongside functionality and usability, web developers construct and implement all technical elements. Web designers work to create a well-received and cohesive visual journey but are also required to consider user behaviour - meaning they are required to ensure that the design and visual elements of the website guide the user to complete the client’s desired action - for example, fill in a well-placed lead generation form.

      Web developers work to bring web designers’ visions to life, implementing full functionality using coding and programming across - often utilising languages and platforms such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP to ensure optimal performance.

      What does UX stand for?

      UX stands for user experience - a concept commonly applied throughout the web design process. Websites built with UX in mind deliver a valuable and relevant journey to visitors, taking utmost consideration for the way in which they will interact, and offering a fully optimised design.

      Creating a smooth UX can be imperative to the performance of your website - those without it may not be able to capture the attention of their user, meaning their CTAs and lead forms will not perform as intended.
      Looking to build a data-driven website with UX at its core? Contact the web design professionals at GLO.

      What is a landing page?

      Landing pages are highly effective digital marketing tools, implemented across a number of websites - most commonly advertising campaigns. These ‘standalone’ web pages are built as a landing point for visitors clicking a link through online ads, or within emails. Typically short in length and implementing bold CRO strategies, landing pages have one goal - to encourage the visitor to act - inspiring increased conversion rates, and generating relevant leads quickly and effectively.

      The focused nature of these pages makes them an excellent option for helping ensure your digital marketing campaign generates results beyond website traffic - often resulting in significantly lowered campaign costs.



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      Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for digital marketing companies, SEO agencies and other business service providers. Each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform, and the user base is growing over 50% a year.

      UK’S TOP Website Design Agency

      Our work across the digital marketing sphere is recognised in awards distributed on both a national and international basis. GLO has most recently been recognised as a top digital marketing agency for 2021 by Clutch – the world’s leading rating platform for digital agencies, covering services from web design to PPC.

      With GLO, the creation and launch of a website is just the beginning. Discover our full offering of digital marketing services, offered on a holistic basis, to help your site and business reach their full online potential.