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Data-driven, fully tailored, and lead focused, GLO’s unique mix of insight-led thinking and holistic technique helps our SEO clients perform beyond expectation.
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Search engine optimisation is at the core of everything we do. Our talented team of SEO experts love leveraging proven techniques to help ensure the organic growth of businesses of every size and sector, driving relevant traffic to all the right places. Whether you’re looking to improve your visibility in search or establish your business’ online presence, our SEO packages will help keep you a step ahead of the crowd.

GLO believes in the power of data – meaning we use it to inform our SEO strategy every step of the way, from the creation of a customised plan of action to monthly performance reports.

Combine this focus with technical expertise across on-page SEO, SEO copywriting, keyword research, reputation building, and content marketing, and you’ve got a winning formula with a proven track record. Our holistic approach ensures every aspect of your online presence works seamlessly towards one main goal – to get you more leads.

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GLO’s Latest
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Orwell Fitness
SMB Beauty
M Jarrald Construction
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GLO’s SEO Campaign Process

The GLO team know that an effective SEO strategy is key to the success of a digital marketing campaign, and to the sustainable growth of any business online. That’s why we’ve developed a set of strategies proven to help ensure increased search presence.

Here’s the process we take to get you there, step by step;

A thorough consultation is the first step to the creation of an effective SEO campaign. During this process, our experts will get to know you and your business, working to develop a comprehensive understanding of your sector, products, and services, alongside your target demographic, and any existing barriers to success. Discovering your objectives and vision for your business will help us plan our SEO strategy to meet your exact specifications.
Keyword Research
Our team will conduct an in-depth SEO analysis of your direct competitors and industry, uncovering and analysing their search strategies. At this stage, we’ll also research the consumer and their browsing behaviour, and perform a comprehensive audit on your website in order to identify areas for improvement. By combining this information with our team’s extensive knowledge and experience, we’ll establish the best SEO strategy for your business.
SEO Planning
Using information gathered during the discovery and keyword research phases, GLO’s specialists will scope out a bespoke plan for a results-driven SEO strategy built to deliver, with a direct focus on critical points posed to bring about the best results in the least amount of time.
Implementation of SEO Strategy
Following a review of this SEO plan, we’ll work to implement all outlined strategies, improvements, and alterations, which often include, on-site optimisation, external and internal backlinking, clean-up of duplicate content, and optimisation of your listings on platforms such as Google My Business.
Data analysis is an integral aspect of every GLO SEO campaign. After the implementation of your SEO plan, our team will work to actively observe and monitor all aspects of your campaign, identifying areas eligible for further improvement, allowing for the optimisation of visibility and conversion rate of your website through accurate testing.

Results-Driven, Insight Led

As a leading UK agency, with a unique focus on ROI and insights, GLO is the perfect choice for those looking to propel their business’ online presence to the next level on a genuine and sustainable basis. We’ll help improve every aspect of your digital assets, enhancing key elements of your website fundamental to a successful SEO strategy.

With “0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the 2nd page” online visibility has never been more important. Move up the ranks, and discover your business’ search potential today, with GLO.

SEO, Simplified
We know SEO jargon can get a little too much at times. That’s why our team are committed to delivering all communication in an understandable, honest, and direct manner – keeping you fully informed, and helping you make the best decisions for your business.
Content-Led Approach
We believe that well-constructed, relevant content is key to an effective SEO campaign, meaning we’ll always recommend a long-term, sustainable, content-led approach to SEO, following ‘white-hat’ SEO methods. This highly beneficial tactic helps avoid penalisation seen in sites using ‘black-hat’ techniques and results in the creation of truly engaging on and off-page content rewarded by search engines and loved by customers.
Confident, but Not Complacent
GLO believe the work of technical SEO is never complete– that’s what makes us different from other SEO experts. Our team is dedicated to continued education and training surrounding digital algorithm changes and trends, and are committed to ensuring your digital marketing game evolves alongside the online environment. We’ll help improve your rankings and work actively to keep you there, fine-tuning at every opportunity.
Passionate Team
The GLO team is built of a select number of SEO experts with a genuine passion for the potential of digital optimisation strategies and their applications for lead generation. Our shared interest in search engine marketing, alongside our aim to nurture the UK’s leading young digital marketing talent has helped develop a unique culture of learning and enthusiasm - attitude deeply ingrained into each and every one of our projects.
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We’re a dynamic team composed of a powerful mix of expert search marketers, experienced content specialists, and professional web designers, combining knowledge and expertise to create results-focused, fully tailored digital marketing campaigns.

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As a full-service SEO agency, we’re proud to deliver complete solutions to our clients, bringing together experts from a number of sectors to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard.

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With a proven track record of successes, GLO has worked with businesses and clients from a wide spectrum of industries and sectors on a national basis. Our services are comprehensive, our expertise is unrivalled, and our results speak for themselves – but don’t just take it from us. Discover what our clients have to say:

I have had the pleasure of dealing with John Parnell of GLO. He has been more than helpful and has his communication throughout the work he provided for me was excellent. The final work he produced was exactly what I was looking for and I am happy to say I now have full confidence when providing me clients with professional looking Quotes/Invoices. 10/10 from start to finish Thanks again John and GLO!
Craig Crozier Avatar
Craig Crozier
John has been our go to digital marketing professional for the last decade. I was completely naive to the world wide web but John explained it and how it could help my business in the long run in a way that I could understand. John is extremely talented at SEO, he has been my web design and helped me rank first in Google for 'Ipswich Plumber'. This has been a complete game changer for my business. I would recommend him to anyone looking for SEO, a web designer, Google Ads management and Facebook ads campaign management. Thanks again John
Philip Parnell Avatar
Philip Parnell
Great service, very helpful and understanding of my specific requirements. Very happy with my Xero templates for my business.
David Martin Avatar
David Martin
Great company to work with, get the job done and delivered a very slick web site.
Stewart Dennerley Avatar
Stewart Dennerley
John, Rebecca and the rest of the team at GLO have been such a joy to work with through the whole process of building our Grade A website! Even at the very beginning the team knew exactly what we wanted to create and made the whole process a breath of fresh air. From our on boarding, design stages ,market research, SEO and finalisation we were in the loop with it all and given full control on the direction of the build. GLO have done an outstanding job of our website and all our extra marketing and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new website. GLO has made a website that will truly help our business fly and live up to our name... PEGASUS! From all of us at Pegasus Doors, thanks!! Managing Director Toby Bursill
Toby Bursill Avatar
Toby Bursill
GLO came highly recommended due to their expertise in SEO. They redesigned my website and improved our rankings significantly. They really know their game and I would certainly recommend them to others.
Adam Muldoon Avatar
Adam Muldoon
I've collaborated on projects before, but the team at GLO were miles above the rest. The turn around time and professionalism coupled with the quality of work provided ensured the projects success. I would highly recommend!
Sean Seddon Avatar
Sean Seddon
Outstanding service! John immediately dealt with everything that needed doing and sent me a report detailing the positive rankings. John is highly professional and kept in touch every step of the way. I highly recommend GLO. Thank you again John!
Deborah Potts Avatar
Deborah Potts

Trusted SeO Agency

Our dedicated SEO specialists are experts in their craft – delivering bespoke, insights-driven SEO campaigns to satisfied clients on a regular basis. We’re trusted by hundreds of businesses to generate leads, and excel at what we do. 
John Parnell GLO Generate Leads Online
John Parnell
Digital Director
Online Lead Generation Agency GLO Beth Craig Suffolk
Beth Craig
Head of Content
Rebecca Martin GLO Generate Leads Online
Rebecca Martin
Project Manager
Kelly West GLO Generate Leads Online
Kelly West
Head of Social
Emma Baker GLO Generate Leads Online
Emma Baker
Head of Design
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If you’re looking for a dynamic, results-driven SEO agency passionate about generating leads online, get in touch with GLO. Our specialist team will work holistically as an extension of your business, optimising every element of your online presence, and helping your website perform beyond expectation.

    SEO FAQ’s

    What is SEO in marketing?

    SEO is often hailed as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. An acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is a popular practice, which involves the use of a number of techniques to improve the visibility and search results rankings of websites of all scope and scale. This ongoing process encompasses elements such as keyword research & implementation, content optimisation, backlinking, site speed optimisation, and more. SEO, when used correctly, has the potential to dramatically increase web traffic and generate higher numbers of qualified leads, helping businesses across the globe build an effective online presence, and actively convert through increased visibility, and effective targeting.

    Does SEO work for small businesses?

    SEO, when done correctly, can work well when applied to businesses of any size. As a highly accessible and flexible digital marketing strategy, SEO is well suited to small businesses looking to increase their online presence - though many larger businesses could not succeed without it.

    SEO, even when applied in simple measures, is one of the best ways to take both a lesser-known website or small business to the next level, allowing for the creation of an increased online presence, and the effective targeting of relevant audiences, bringing in high-quality leads and increasing conversions. Discover our blog post on SEO and Google My Business for further tips on digital marketing for SMEs.

    Why is SEO good for businesses?

    SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your business’ website, organically - but its benefits don’t end there. When implemented correctly, SEO can effectively target more specific audiences through consideration of search intent, keyword selection, and optimised content - meaning the majority of increased traffic received is more likely to convert, helping your business grow. In addition to this search, optimisation can help you move ahead of your competitors through increased rankings, establish your website as an online authority in your sector, and improve UX. A long term, financially manageable, and quantifiable option, SEO is the digital marketing strategy of choice for businesses across the globe.

    Which SEO techniques are popular?

    The term SEO encompasses a wide variety of techniques, all geared towards improving website rankings and driving increased organic traffic. The most commonly used include;
    - UX improvement (ensuring fast load speeds, quality design, and responsiveness across all platforms)
    - Optimising for alternative forms of search (including voice and video)
    - Implementing a well-researched and effective keyword strategy
    - Building a diverse and high-quality portfolio of backlinks (both internal and external)
    - Creating high quality, optimised content (ideal in length and in content for the context)
    - Optimising meta titles and descriptions for user intent

    The above strategies doubly effective when combined with data collection and research.

    What are GLO’s best SEO tips for your startup?

    SEO is one of the best ways to take your startup’s online presence from underwhelming to overperforming. Our optimisation expert’s top tips for those looking to build a solid strategy include;
    - Conduct extensive keyword and competitor research. Consider the terms and phrases you’d like your website and pages to rank for, both short and long-tail
    - Find high-quality, reputable links relevant to your industry, services or product to include within your website’s copy. This should help develop a backlink portfolio
    - Don’t neglect technical SEO. Ensure your website is fully responsive, fast and user-friendly across all devices and platforms
    - Ensure your online presence is consistent - this is especially important in directory listings, such as Google My Business
    - Regularly post valuable, sharable, optimised content, created with user intent in mind.

    What is SEO copywriting?

    SEO copywriting is a digital marketing strategy within the larger field of search engine optimisation. The term refers to the overall process of planning, creating, and optimising written content with the intent of achieving high SERP rankings and online visibility. Including SEO copywriting in your wider online strategy helps ensure that your website or business page answers the questions most commonly asked by your audience, providing a valuable source of information through the use of relevant keywords and phrases.

    Looking to develop an effective SEO copywriting and content marketing strategy? Get in touch with GLO’s search specialists, or learn more here.

    How can I generate SEO leads?

    Optimising your website for search is one of the best ways to increase the number of leads it generates - primarily as a result of increased visibility. Here are some of our experts’ top tips for using SEO to generate leads online;
    - Ensure both on and off-page elements of your website are optimised. This includes content, and meta titles and descriptions
    - Claim all business listings and ensure your Google My Business page is updated and consistent
    - Add a blog to your website, and update it regularly with valuable content relating to your target audience’s highly searched terms
    - Optimise all on-page images using alt tags
    - Ensure your website speed is sufficient

    Is SEO worth it?

    SEO is one of the best performing, most versatile digital marketing strategies available - one which our digital marketing specialists think of as the core of any successful online campaign of the website. Offering an organic, long-term, and flexible way to increase online visibility, drive web traffic, and generate more valuable leads, SEO is a worthwhile investment for businesses both large and small at any stage.

    Looking to develop and implement an effective SEO campaign, but don’t know where to start? Get in contact with GLO’s search specialists today - we’ll help take your online presence to the next level.

    How can I improve SEO on my WordPress site?

    WordPress is an innovative web design and development platform allowing for the implementation of a number of SEO techniques across almost all types of website. Listed below are a few of our web design and SEO team’s top suggestions for optimising your WordPress site for search;

    - Ensure your web hosting service is reliable and offers a suitable loading speed. Google’s algorithms take this speed into consideration when ranking
    - If using a theme, select one optimised for search engines
    - Utilise and install SEO plugins such as Yoast
    - Develop and implement clear, descriptive permalink structures
    - Use relevant headers to organise your site and content
    - Include a good number of relevant internal and external links throughout your site’s content
    - Compress your images to optimise loading speed. Use alt tags to ensure search engine crawlers can correctly interpret them
    - Write relevant content with audience search intent in mind

    What is an SEO agency?

    An SEO agency - often referred thunder the umbrella term ‘performance marketing agency’ - is a company specialising in search engine optimisation services. Employing a number of experts across all areas of SEO, these agencies typically offer a comprehensive service, including website audits, strategy development, implementation, and regular review, working to improve rankings, and drive traffic for businesses looking to establish, develop, or maintain their online presence.

    Whilst Generate Leads Online is an SEO agency, we work to holistically deliver a number of digital marketing strategies, employing experts from across the industry in order to ensure our data-driven campaigns truly perform, generating more web traffic and more leads for your business.


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    Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for digital marketing companies, SEO agencies and other business service providers. Each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform, and the user base is growing over 50% a year.


    Our work across the digital marketing sphere is recognised in awards distributed on both a national and international basis. GLO has most recently been recognised as a top digital marketing agency for 2021 by Clutch – the world’s leading rating platform for digital agencies, covering services from SEO to PPC.