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Finding high-quality leads can be a struggle for businesses of any size. GLO’s revolutionary lead generation services are here to change that. At Generate Leads Online, we do things differently. Rather than wasting time chasing random contacts or spending days spamming email inboxes, our lead generation specialists bring the very best to you using bespoke lead gen websites.
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Inbound Lead Generation that Really Works

Forget cold calling. Our comprehensive inbound lead generation service gets the job done – delivering sales conversion rates unlike any other. Plus, it can be offered on a pay-per-lead, cost per booking and commission basis, or a mixture of all three to suit your business – ensuring cost-effectiveness at every turn.

By creating a beautifully designed, fully informative lead generation website on your behalf and obtaining contacts through voluntary sign-ups, GLO’s lead generation experts are able to bring highly interested prospects directly to you – maximising your bottom line, and minimising demoralising hang-ups, rejections, and wasted time.

Team up with us, and we’ll create and manage an industry-focused landing page or website on your behalf. After your chosen asset is up, running, and ranking, we’ll refer contact form sign-ups, phone calls, and email inquiries straight to your office – giving you the connections you crave without the cost or hassle of launching your own site. In short, we make lead generation simple.

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    Our Optimised Strategy

    GLO’s unique inbound lead generation process is designed to make reaching new customers simple and cost-effective – keeping success rates high and stress rates low. Here’s how we’ll bring valuable contacts directly from SERPs to your sales team:

    Discovery Meeting
    In order to find the best possible leads for your business, we’ll need to get to know you and your objectives. After you’ve first reached out, we’ll hop into an online meeting or invite you to our office to get to grips with your vision, goals, and limitations over a cup of tea or coffee. We’ll use this information to formulate and inform our in-depth research strategy.
    Lead Generation Strategy
    Once we’ve gathered the best bits and pieces from our initial research, our lead generation specialists get to work - creating a clear, scalable plan for your lead magnet landing page or website, and outlining the ways in which they’ll contribute to achieving even your biggest objectives.
    Design and Development
    Equipped with fully scoped out goals and a solid plan for how to achieve them, our web developers begin bringing your lead generation website or magnet to life - ensuring all design elements and imagery used are in line with the search intent of your ideal clientele whilst delivering optimum functionality and UX.
    QA & Launch
    We understand the importance of ensuring every element of your lead generation strategy is up to standard. Prior to launch, our quality assurance team will test the team’s work to its limits, correcting even the smallest of bugs before the big day.
    Lead Generation
    The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived! Your site or landing page will be up, running, and generating the high quality leads you’ve been searching for as soon as you give the final product the thumbs up. We’ll ensure each lead - whether obtained through a form sign-up, call button, or simple link is sent straight to your sales department in real-time. Depending on your chosen payment plan, you may pay per lead, per appointment booking, pay commission per conversion, or use a mixture of all of the above.
    Ongoing Support
    We’ll never leave you in the dark. Once your lead magnet is live, we’ll ensure every element of it is kept relevant and up-to-date - safeguarding its functionality and keeping viewers interested. All you’ve got to do is convert the leads we pass on to your team.

    Why Choose Our Inbound Lead Generation Service?

    GLO’s inbound lead generation service combines innovation and efficiency with a strong focus on ROI; delivering high-quality leads, and unrivalled levels of cost-effectiveness in proportion. Whether you’re looking to partner with us on a pay per lead, cost per appointment or revenue share model, we’ll work to ensure you’re delivered hot leads genuinely interested in your product or service with no upfront financial risk. Why not discover more about what makes us so brilliant:

    High-Quality Leads
    Our unique approach and dedication to inbound lead generation tactics allow our lead gen specialists to connect your business with people genuinely interested in your services or products - no outreach required. In being required to make the first move, your leads are highly likely to still be ‘warm’ when passed to you.
    Pay Per Lead, Cost Per Booking or Revenue Share
    At GLO, we know how important minimising financial risk is to businesses of all sizes. That’s why we’ve developed a unique set of flexible payment methods: pay per lead, cost per booking, and revenue share. Whatever method you choose, our team will work with you to ensure maximal ROI is achieved - ensuring you’re only spending when you’re getting genuine leads.
    No Lead Sharing
    Sometimes, being selfish is a good thing. Unlike some other lead generation companies, GLO likes to keep things exclusive - meaning your leads will belong only to you. We promise we’ll never double-sell - after all, we’re in this together.
    Spam-Free Service
    Lead generation can get a bit of a bad rap. We’re here to set things straight. Our inbound lead generation services swap cold outreach for a system in which the client approaches first - ensuring they willingly pass over information and indicate an interest in your product or service before your sales team even says ‘hello’.
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    Why Choose the GLO
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    Think. Do. Deliver.

    We’re a dynamic, UK-based lead generation agency composed of a strong mix of marketers, web developers, lead gen specialists, and all-around digital experts. Our team combine knowledge, expertise, and creative flair to devise and deliver brilliant inbound lead generation strategies with the power to transform businesses for the better.

    Our Lead Generation Experts

    Our talented team of lead generation specialists are true experts in their craft with a proven track record of success.

    Ready to get started?

    If you’re looking for a dynamic, results-driven lead generation agency with a difference, get in touch with GLO. Our lead generation specialists will work holistically as an extension of your business, bringing hot leads to you using truly innovative techniques and technologies on a cost-effective basis.

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    With a proven track record of success, we’ve worked with businesses and clients from a wide spectrum of industries and sectors on a national basis. Our lead generation services are comprehensive, our expertise is unrivalled, and our results speak for themselves – but don’t just take it from us. Discover what our clients have to say:

    I have had the pleasure of dealing with John Parnell of GLO. He has been more than helpful and has his communication throughout the work he provided for me was excellent. The final work he produced was exactly what I was looking for and I am happy to say I now have full confidence when providing me clients with professional looking Quotes/Invoices. 10/10 from start to finish Thanks again John and GLO!
    Craig Crozier Avatar
    Craig Crozier
    John has been our go to digital marketing professional for the last decade. I was completely naive to the world wide web but John explained it and how it could help my business in the long run in a way that I could understand. John is extremely talented at SEO, he has been my web design and helped me rank first in Google for 'Ipswich Plumber'. This has been a complete game changer for my business. I would recommend him to anyone looking for SEO, a web designer, Google Ads management and Facebook ads campaign management. Thanks again John
    Philip Parnell Avatar
    Philip Parnell
    Great service, very helpful and understanding of my specific requirements. Very happy with my Xero templates for my business.
    David Martin Avatar
    David Martin
    Great company to work with, get the job done and delivered a very slick web site.
    Stewart Dennerley Avatar
    Stewart Dennerley
    John, Rebecca and the rest of the team at GLO have been such a joy to work with through the whole process of building our Grade A website! Even at the very beginning the team knew exactly what we wanted to create and made the whole process a breath of fresh air. From our on boarding, design stages ,market research, SEO and finalisation we were in the loop with it all and given full control on the direction of the build. GLO have done an outstanding job of our website and all our extra marketing and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new website. GLO has made a website that will truly help our business fly and live up to our name... PEGASUS! From all of us at Pegasus Doors, thanks!! Managing Director Toby Bursill
    Toby Bursill Avatar
    Toby Bursill
    GLO came highly recommended due to their expertise in SEO. They redesigned my website and improved our rankings significantly. They really know their game and I would certainly recommend them to others.
    Adam Muldoon Avatar
    Adam Muldoon
    I've collaborated on projects before, but the team at GLO were miles above the rest. The turn around time and professionalism coupled with the quality of work provided ensured the projects success. I would highly recommend!
    Sean Seddon Avatar
    Sean Seddon
    Outstanding service! John immediately dealt with everything that needed doing and sent me a report detailing the positive rankings. John is highly professional and kept in touch every step of the way. I highly recommend GLO. Thank you again John!
    Deborah Potts Avatar
    Deborah Potts

    Trusted Lead Generation Agency

    Our professional lead generators are experts in their craft – delivering bespoke, insights-driven apps to satisfied clients on a regular basis. Capable of handling any lead generation challenge, GLO’s team are trusted by hundreds of businesses to create technically strong websites built to generate leads and excel at what we do.
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    If you’re looking for a dynamic, results-driven lead generation agency passionate about generating leads online, get in touch with GLO. Our specialist lead generators will work holistically as an extension of your business, optimising every element of your app presence, and helping build an app set to perform beyond expectation.

      Lead Generation FAQ’s

      What are leads in digital marketing?

      In digital marketing, leads (also referred to as ‘prospects’) are generally defined as anyone seemingly interested in your product or service, though the definition is more often applied to potential customers who have provided their details, or taken a direct course of action, such as requesting a callback, filling out a form on your website, or directly asking for a quote.

      At GLO, we believe lead generation is fundamental to the success of any business. We devise data-driven strategies and solutions built to both generate leads, and guide them through the sales funnel, helping your website actively convert.

      How can we improve the lead generation process?

      Continual fine-tuning, optimisation, and adjustment is key to the continued success of a lead generation strategy. For those with a current lead generation process in place, conducting an in-depth review of its current strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities, and overall performance is an excellent way to determine a strong way forward towards an improved strategy. With GLO, this improved strategy may include the implementation of a number of digital marketing activities, including SEO, content marketing, web design, social media marketing (both organic and paid), and email marketing - all of which work to increase the number of high quality leads in your sales funnel when applied correctly.

      If outbound lead generation isn’t working for you, our experts highly recommend looking into our comprehensive inbound lead generation service; a unique option involving the creation of lead magnets (most often an industry-focused website or landing page) on your behalf - bringing interest clients directly to you on a pay-per-lead or revenue share basis.

      How do you get leads without cold calling?

      Though cold calling has been a notable lead generation strategy for many years - there are a number of modern techniques more suited to businesses operating online, with the ability to generate relevant, valuable leads. Our specialists combine a number of digital marketing strategies to develop highly tailored lead generation strategies - for example, optimising web pages and meta tags for search to ensure they are displayed to and found by the correct audience, using social media to generate brand awareness, and creating informative and engaging content that both, educates your target audience, establishing websites and businesses as online authorities within their industry. For those not looking to commit to the costs of a website, our unique inbound lead generation service works to create lead magnets on your behalf - bringing interest clients directly to you on a pay-per-lead or revenue share basis.

      Looking to generate a highly effective lead generation campaign but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with GLO.

      What is a lead?

      Leads (also referred to as prospects) are generally defined as any person or organisation demonstrating an interest in a product or service. This interest can be demonstrated in a large number of ways, for example, signing up for email notifications, asking directly for a quote, or completing a contact form.

      Inbound lead generation is generally a more effective, less intrusive outreach tactic than cold communication - opening a direct and personal line of contact between a customer interested enough to take direction by, for example, completing a survey, and a business with knowledge of their interests as a result of this.

      Developing and employing an effective lead generation strategy is an integral element of developing a ‘watertight’ sales funnel. Interested in what optimised online lead generation could do for your business? Contact GLO today.

      What are the types of lead?

      Not all leads are created equal. For this reason, marketing and lead generation specialists have worked to classify a broad selection of lead types.

      Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)
      The marketing qualified lead group consists primarily of contacts who have engaged with your marketing but are not ready to receive a sales call (or initiate a more direct course of action), e.g. an individual who has filled in an offer form on a landing page requiring little detail.

      Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)
      A sales qualified lead has taken direct action to express their interest in becoming a paying customer, for example, filling in an online contact form to enquire about your business’ product or service.

      Product Qualified Lead (PQL)
      A product qualified lead has previously used your product and taken action to indicate their interest in becoming a paying customer, for example, a customer getting in contact after using a demo version of your product. Perfect examples of where product qualified lead most commonly exist are in companies offering product trials, or free, limited versions of their product, often with the option to upgrade after a set amount of time.

      Service Qualified Lead
      Service qualified leads are typically defined as contact or customers who have indicated specifically to your service team that they are interested in becoming a paying customer - for example, an individual in contact looking to upgrade their product subscription.

      Why do I need lead generation?

      Inbound lead generation allows businesses and organisations to cultivate valuable connections with customers who have shown an organic interest in them, their services, or their products, allowing for a more natural, better received, and generally more effective outreach strategy to be implemented.

      In employing an effective strategy and engaging valuable individuals with a genuine interest in your offering, you’ll be able to significantly grow your customer base and business. Interested in what optimised online lead generation could do for your business? Contact GLO today to further discuss your lead generation ambitions.

      What is lead generation?

      Lead generation is the process by which new leads are acquired - and generally works o either an inbound or outbound basis. Though the exact process of lead generation can be optimised to best suit the position and objective of an organisation or business, it generally works to develop and consolidate the interest of an individual to the extent that some form of contact details are provided for further outreach.

      These contact details turn a simple visitor into a lead, and, if nurtured correctly, this lead may be converted into a paying customer. During and after generation, leads should be taken through a carefully developed sales funnel to ensure the highest possible conversion rates.

      Why shouldn’t I buy leads?

      Lead buying is a tempting, but often detrimental option for many marketers and organisations. On the surface, lead buying offers the opportunity to fill the sales funnel quickly and easily without dedicating a significant amount of time or effort, however, the leads purchased using this method are often poor, or ‘unqualified’. They haven’t taken the time to demonstrate an interest in your business, product, or service, and most likely don’t know you. This means that attempts at outreach to these leads will often be perceived as unwanted and intrusive, with many flagged as spam. This can be highly detrimental to your business’ reputation among customers, and, in addition, if your emails are flagged as spam frequently enough, you may be placed on a blacklist - permanently affecting your email deliverability and IP reputation.

      In conclusion, it’s always better to cultivate leads organically rather than purchasing them. For those unsure of how to generate organically, you’re in luck. GLO are experts in organic online lead generation, delivering optimised strategies designed to capture high numbers of quality leads.

      How to qualify a lead?

      Qualifying leads is an important process, designed to optimise the lead outreach and sales process following the initial show of interest by the individual, and ultimately, streamline your strategy into a cost-effective, successful operation.

      The most simple way to qualify a lead lies imply in developing a strategy for gauging their interest - for example, the action taken, or the amount of information collected. Whilst this strategy is often perceived as qualitative and open-ended, lead scoring provides a contrasting qualification method in its quantitative use of data. In this technique, leads are assigned a numerical value designed to determine their ‘readiness to purchase’ on a broad scale. The criteria for value is not universally defined, and so can be decided by the implementer of the lead qualification strategy, but may include the actions they’ve taken, the information they’ve provided, or even their level of engagement with your brand on social media.

      What is lead scoring?

      Lead scoring provides a contrasting qualification method in its quantitative use of data. In this technique, leads are assigned a numerical value designed to determine their ‘readiness to purchase’ on a broad scale. The criteria for value is not universally defined, and so can be decided by the implementer of the lead qualification strategy, but may include the actions they’ve taken, the information they’ve provided, or even their level of engagement with your brand on social media.

      The higher a lead’s score, the closer they are to becoming a sales qualified lead or taking direct action to purchase. Lead scoring can become a relatively complex strategy, but once adjusted to best suit your organisation’s position, it is an excellent way to optimise your lead generation process and sales funnel.

      What is the lead generation process?

      The inbound lead generation process varies according to the exact requirements, goals, and methods implemented by the individual organisation or business, but is generally in line with the following model:
      1 - A visitor discovers your business, product, or services, typically through one of your marketing channels, e.g. your website, blog, or social media page. Visitors may also discover your business through organic search, or even simply through word of mouth.
      2 - The visitor clicks on a CTA - an element of your website designed to encourage them to take direct action. This CTA should lead to an element of your site designed to capture relevant information, often in exchange for an offer or callback.
      3 - The visitor fills in the form, and your business receives their information. As they have willingly displayed interest and submitted their contact details to you, they may now be considered a lead.

      What are the best lead generation strategies?

      Online lead generation encompasses a wide range of tactics, campaigns, and strategies depending on the platform on which you wish to capture leads. Popular online lead generation strategies include SEO, CRO, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing - all of which can be geared specifically towards lead generation using either learned skill or tools offered by the platforms themselves. For example, Facebook Business offers the opportunity to add CTAs with a link to a lead-gen optimised landing page to business pages, whilst CRO can work to ensure your lead-gen opportunities are consistently seen and completed. All of these services are offered in-house at GLO.

      In addition, GLO is proud to offer an innovative comprehensive inbound lead service involving the creation and management of bespoke, industry-focused lead magnets (including landing pages and websites) on your behalf - the leads from which are passed directly to your sales team. This cost-effective option is offered both on a pay-per-lead, and revenue share basis.

      Interested in what optimised online lead generation could do for your business? Contact us today.

      Is lead generation expensive?

      The cost of a lead generation campaign is dependent on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) budget, platforms and tools used, and whether or not an agency such as GLO is involved. It’s important to consider that though an organic lead generation campaign may seem like a more expensive or lengthier process than simply buying leads, or doing nothing at all, optimised campaigns are designed specifically to deliver the best ROI possible. When correctly implemented by professionals, lead generation campaigns have the potential to generate high-quality, qualified leads, bringing in individuals genuinely interested in your business’ service or products.

      GLO offers a range of lead-gen focused digital marketing services at a range of prices, alongside a comprehensive, cost-effective inbound lead generation service on a pay-per-lead or revenue share basis. Contact our team of friendly experts today to learn more, or for a free consultation.

      How to generate leads online with content marketing?

      Online content plays a much bigger role in the consumer journey now, than it did a few years ago. The internet has become an authoritative source of information for buyers and an avenue for marketers to advertise their products, meaning content marketing has taken centre stage. Discover a brief overview of our strategy for content marketing lead generation below, or, read more on our blog:

      Planning stage
      1. Segment your audience and create buyer personas
      2. Map the customer journey
      3. Match content to the different stages of your sales funnel
      4. Identify what lead magnets you need to create
      5. Put your ideas into a content calendar

      Writing and implementation
      1. Write content with SEO in mind
      2. Make your content interactive
      3. Distribute your content using high ROI platforms
      4. Promote your lead magnets
      5. Track analytics and add content upgrades where opportunities arise


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      GLO’s work has been recognised in awards distributed on both a national and international basis. We’ve most recently been recognised as a top B2B lead generation agency for 2021 by Clutch – the world’s leading rating platform for digital services.