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Combining intelligent, data-driven segmentation, and creative content to bridge gaps in the buyer journey. GLO’s unique mix of insight-led thinking and strategic use of proven algorithms delivers effective content to the right audience, at the right time.
Best Email Marketing Agency Suffolk
Best Marketing Automation Agency Suffolk
Email Marketing Automation Suffolk
Email Marketing Automation Agency

We believe effective communication is key to continued success. Our email marketing specialists help businesses get closer to customers through personalised, personable campaigns.

GLO’s innovative email marketing automation strategies use data collection and segmentation to ensure your message is delivered to those who need to hear it. A highly effective tool built to continue the user journey outside of the boundaries of your website, intelligent email marketing works to capture and enhance every opportunity present throughout the buying journey, mirroring your business’ individual marketing funnel.

Our specialists work to create compelling email content, distributed on a basis of automated segmentation to valuable users for the best possible result. This cost-effective, lead-based strategy has been shown to produce ROI as high as 4200%. Convinced? We are.

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    Email Marketing Automation

    As a leading UK email marketing agency, with a unique focus on ROI and insights, GLO is the perfect choice for those looking to propel their business’ user journey to the next level using a cost-effective, intelligent strategy. Our experts help improve every aspect of your email campaign and management, from targeting, to review.

    With 21% of sent emails opened within the first hour of delivery, developing an effective, manageable email marketing strategy has never been more important. Discover the power of data science and creativity, combined, with GLO.

    Get Closer to your Customers
    Highly personalised email marketing campaigns don’t just let you get to know the customer through data - they let the customer get to know you. Acting as a bridge between the stages of the buyer journey, segmented email marketing, when performed effectively, can create a strong attachment between consumer and brand. Our experts are highly experienced in developing a perfectly balanced email marketing strategy, built to encourage repeat custom.
    Evolving Campaigns
    Running email marketing campaigns across well-known platforms such as MailChimp allows for the collection of a vast amount of data, meaning our specialists can assess the performance of our strategy as a whole through analysis of open rates, link clicks, and more. To further this, our passion for segmentation allows for the development of a number of variations of one email and run A/B tests, establishing the most effective subject lines, copy, and most responsive audience demographics. This process of continual testing and reporting identifies areas for improvement and shifting trends on a regular basis, allowing our team to keep your campaign one step ahead, and helping you understand the habits of your audience.

    Target valuable audiences, with the right content, at the right time

    Marketing automation uses data and insight to further engage the consumer throughout the buying journey, delivering effective, personalised content to valuable audiences at just the right time. GLO utilises trusted platforms such as MailChimp to deliver;

    Targeted Campaigns
    Our automated marketing campaigns are far from impersonal. We use MailChimp to produce highly engaging campaigns, designed to meet the individual requirements of a number of audience segments, mirroring their position within your marketing funnel. Utilising an innovating tagging system, our specialists work to extensively categorise automatically segmented audiences, allowing for the complete optimisation of behavioural and content-based targeting strategies through analysis and testing.
    Automated Marketing
    We use intelligent tools marketing to assist in every step of the email campaign process through the creation of bespoke landing pages designed to segment your audience actively and effectively. This strategy allows for the creation of accurate consumer profiles, letting MailChimp software deliver emails designed to meet the needs of customers across stages of the buying process, and developing a strong relationship between customer and brand through the use of a CRM system.
    Accurate Insights, Reports & Analysis
    GLO understand the power of data, meaning we take every opportunity to produce insightful reports and analysis surrounding the performance of your automated email marketing campaign. By studying the insights of mail data on an individual and strategy-wide basis, our experts develop a comprehensive understanding of what works, and what doesn’t, helping inform our future optimisation, and zeroing in on the factors bringing you the best results.
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    We’re a dynamic team composed of a powerful mix of expert search marketers, experienced content specialists, and professional web designers, combining knowledge and expertise to create results-focused, fully tailored digital marketing campaigns.

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    As a full-service digital agency with a passion for email marketing, we’re proud to deliver complete solutions to our clients, bringing together experts from a number of sectors to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard.

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    With a proven track record of successes, GLO has worked with businesses and clients from a wide spectrum of industries and sectors on a national basis to create data-driven email marketing campaigns that really work. Our services are comprehensive, our expertise is unrivalled, and our results speak for themselves – but don’t just take it from us. Discover what our clients have to say:

    Great company to work with, get the job done and delivered a very slick web site.
    Stewart Dennerley Avatar
    Stewart Dennerley
    John, Rebecca and the rest of the team at GLO have been such a joy to work with through the whole process of building our Grade A website! Even at the very beginning the team knew exactly what we wanted to create and made the whole process a breath of fresh air. From our on boarding, design stages ,market research, SEO and finalisation we were in the loop with it all and given full control on the direction of the build. GLO have done an outstanding job of our website and all our extra marketing and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new website. GLO has made a website that will truly help our business fly and live up to our name... PEGASUS! From all of us at Pegasus Doors, thanks!! Managing Director Toby Bursill
    Toby Bursill Avatar
    Toby Bursill
    GLO came highly recommended due to their expertise in SEO. They redesigned my website and improved our rankings significantly. They really know their game and I would certainly recommend them to others.
    Adam Muldoon Avatar
    Adam Muldoon
    I've collaborated on projects before, but the team at GLO were miles above the rest. The turn around time and professionalism coupled with the quality of work provided ensured the projects success. I would highly recommend!
    Sean Seddon Avatar
    Sean Seddon
    Outstanding service! John immediately dealt with everything that needed doing and sent me a report detailing the positive rankings. John is highly professional and kept in touch every step of the way. I highly recommend GLO. Thank you again John!
    Deborah Potts Avatar
    Deborah Potts
    We worked with GLO to deliver a new website. They’re help and guidance has been excellent especially when we’ve made requests which were outside of the original brief. They’ve delivered a beautifully designed, well written and responsive website that meets all our needs. I can always rely on them for a quick response to any of my queries and highly recommend them for their digital marketing and SEO expertise.
    Helen Ramnought Avatar
    Helen Ramnought
    We are so happy with our new website, brilliant service with amazing results. Thank you 🙂
    Michelle Allinson (Chell) Avatar
    Michelle Allinson (Chell)
    John and his team at GLO have been fantastic from start to finish in respect of all of our business dealings to-date. GLO were able to create campaigns that exceeded all of our requirements and expectations whilst providing an incredible level of support. I would strongly recommend.
    Paul Tietjen Avatar
    Paul Tietjen

    Trusted Email Marketing Agency

    Our dedicated email marketing automation specialists are experts in their craft – delivering fully-optimised, insights-driven, automated email marketing campaigns to satisfied clients and customers on a regular basis. We’re trusted by hundreds of businesses to generate leads and increase traffic through effective targeting and high-quality content and excel at what we do.
    John Parnell GLO Generate Leads Online
    John Parnell
    Digital Director
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    Beth Craig
    Head of Content
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    Rebecca Martin
    Project Manager
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    Head of Design
    get Leads Online
    If you’re looking for a dynamic, results-driven digital marketing agency passionate about generating leads through email marketing, get in touch with GLO. Our specialist team will work holistically as an extension of your business, optimising every element of your online presence, and helping your website perform beyond expectation.

      Email Marketing FAQ’s

      What is meant by email marketing?

      Email marketing is a cost-effective and direct segment of digital marketing strategies, used by individuals and businesses across the globe to generate leads, drive traffic, and increase conversions. Whilst this technique is thought of by many as simply sending emails, the extent and complexity of your email marketing strategy are up to you - ranging from sending generic promotions to a pre-established mailing list, to the creation of targeted formats featuring content optimised for conversion.

      Offering a unique way to establish and build a connection with customers throughout the buying journey, whilst simultaneously offering a platform for promotion, email marketing balances promotion and connection highly effectively.

      What is the difference between email marketing and email automation?

      Email marketing and email automation are two very similar disciplines based on the same principle. Whilst email marketing relies solely on human work and insight to develop and implement effective messaging, automation delegates much of this process to highly intelligent algorithms. This delegation allows for the automatic segmentation and targeting of leads, ensuring emails received are personalised, and more likely to be opened (therefore more likely to result in conversion).

      In short, email automation lends itself to ensuring your message gets to the right people, at the right time - reducing your workload, and helping build a relationship between customer and brand.

      What free email marketing tools are there?

      There are a wide number of email marketing resources available online - each of which is built to help create, implement, or improve your campaign - generally including mailing list management, format creation resources, and automated segmentation and sending tools. With the vast majority of tools available offering a free trial or low-cost tier, there are many opportunities for you to establish which works best for your business’ strategy and objectives. Our specialists personally recommend Mailchimp, and MailerLite for those looking to run campaigns independently.

      Looking for a fully automated email marketing strategy delivered by professionals? Get in touch with GLO.

      How do you generate leads through email marketing?

      Email marketing offers a unique opportunity to balance building and nurturing a relationship between customer and brand, and inciting action - whether this be lead generation or conversion. Creating a channel of communication between company and customer at every stage of the buyer journey, email marketing offers a personalised and personable way to deliver important messages regarding any aspect of your business. In addition to this, much of the data collected during an email campaign can be tracked, collected, and analysed, allowing for the optimisation of emails, subject lines, and even product suggestions, helping increase the chance of conversion at every opportunity. To further this, email marketing can be used as a remarketing tactic, reaching out to customers with abandoned carts, or who have made a previous purchase.

      How do I grow my email subscriber list?

      A strong email subscriber list is the basis of every successful email campaign. There are numerous tactics to growing your email subscriber list - however, our specialists find that the most successful generally involve lead magnets of value to your target audience. For example, a common, highly successful tactic used in recent years involves offering a minimal discount to customers in exchange for their email address (e.g. 10% off for email subscribers). These lead magnets may be put in place across social media, and on-page on websites.

      Once subscribers have signed up, it’s important to keep them on your list. Work to send out content genuinely relevant to their profile, with compelling subject lines, and valuable information within.

      Does email marketing work?

      Email marketing is a longstanding service within the digital marketing sphere but has experienced a recent resurgence, proving itself as a highly effective way to cultivate and nurture the strong consumer-brand relationship sought after by many customers and ‘fans’ of businesses. With email automation offering increased forms of control and simplicity for those looking to manage, segment, and personalise, email marketing has never been more powerful. It’s often considered the digital marketing tactic of choice for those looking to get a strong message over to the right people, at the right time.

      Of course, a successful email marketing campaign requires extensive technical knowledge, attention-grabbing copy, and constant review. That’s where GLO’s email marketing specialists come in. Get in contact with us today to discuss your email marketing ambitions.

      What are the benefits of email automation?

      The benefits of email automation are significant. With programmes such as Mailchimp offering business owners and professionals more control over campaigns than ever before (whilst alleviating much of the work involved), automation has taken email marketing to the next level.

      Offering in-depth segmentation, and the ability to send personalised emails to specific audiences at critical points in the buyer journey, automation has helped contribute to email marketing’s whopping 4400% ROI, helping businesses grow without consuming a significant amount of their marketing budget - or their valuable time.

      Looking to develop and implement a strong automated email marketing strategy, but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with GLO’s email automation specialists to discuss your digital marketing goals.

      What is email automation?

      Email automation programs generally provide the ability to deliver personalised time or action triggered emails to automatically segmented user groups at key points in the buyer journey, helping build a strong relationship between customer and brand, and encouraging conversion. Automation delegates much of this process to highly intelligent algorithms, allowing for the fast and highly accurate targeting of leads, ensuring emails received are personalised, and more likely to be opened (therefore more likely to result in conversion).

      In short, email automation lends itself to ensuring your message gets to the right people, at the right time - reducing your workload, and helping build a relationship between customer and brand.

      How profitable is email marketing?

      Email marketing, when implemented correctly, is proven to be highly profitable, with a commonly reported potential ROI of up to 4400%. When fully automated, or supported by intelligent email marketing tools and resources, email marketing campaigns can operate on a highly targeted and personalised basis, utilising both segmenting and testing to ensure the best ROI possible.

      Looking to develop and implement a profitable automated email marketing strategy? Get in touch with GLO’s email automation specialists to discuss your digital marketing goals.

      How can I write good email content?

      Writing high-quality email content revolves around the delicate balance of a number of factions, including the avoidance of spam filters, buyer behaviour, and brand voice. Though this appears challenging, it is entirely possible to compose content meeting the needs of both email service providers, and customers. Our email marketing and content specialist have put together the following list of pointers to help improve your email content;
      - Write with your target audience in mind. In order to get your message across to the customer - they must want to read it. Include valuable content relevant to them
      - Use clear language and formatting that directly inspires action
      - Ensure some aspect of the email is personalised - email automation programmes can work to implement this through segmentation


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      Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for digital marketing companies, email marketing automation agencies and other business service providers. Each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform, and the user base is growing over 50% a year.

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      Our work across the digital marketing sphere is recognised in awards distributed on both a national and international basis. GLO has most recently been recognised as a top digital marketing agency for 2021 by Clutch – the world’s leading rating platform for digital agencies, covering services from SEO to PPC.