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With the world becoming more mobile-driven than ever before, there’s never been a better time to level up your online presence. That’s where GLO comes in. Our team of award-winning developers create mobile apps designed to captivate, inspire, and most importantly - perform.
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We make building a top-notch app a simple, stress-free process – turning ideas into visually stunning, data-driven platforms perfectly aligned with your business and goals. Whether you’re looking to build your brand, drive customer loyalty, boost sales, improve engagement levels, introduce a new product or scheme – or even do something completely different, we’ll help you get there.

Our mobile app builds combine stunning visuals, a solid backend, and user-behaviour driven optimisation to deliver standout digital experiences across all devices – keeping your audience engaged, and your ROI high. Every aspect of your bespoke mobile app will aid in delivering a first-class user experience; providing endless user value, driving downloads and ultimately boosting your business’ bottom line.

At GLO, we do more than just produce digital solutions. We make great things happen. Team up with us, and we’ll work as a seamless extension of your business – bringing even your boldest visions to screens across the globe as part of our full-service mobile app development experience.

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    GLO’S Latest
    App Development Projects

    Costa Coffee Case Study
    MPG Rewards Case Study
    Lava Rewards Case Study
    Zen Sushi Case Study
    Web Development Agency
    Our Optimised Strategy

    GLO’s unique app development process balances agility with flexibility – allowing us to deliver brilliant apps on equally brilliant timescales. Here’s how we take your ideas to from brainstorm sessions to app store listings:

    Discovery Meeting
    Ready to get started? The first step in our app development process is a simple discovery call - during which we’ll get to know you, your general vision for your app, and your goals. We’ll use this information to formulate and inform our in-depth research strategy.
    Research & Brainstorming
    Once we’ve gathered the best bits and pieces from our initial research, we’ll bring together the whole app development team for a brainstorm session - balancing creativity with constructive thinking to create a clear strategy for bringing your app to life. By analysing each aspect of your business, and taking on board your valuable insight, we’re able to uncover profitable insights and convert them into strategic pathways for success.
    Design & Development
    Equipped with fully scoped out goals and a solid plan for how to achieve them, our app designers get to work, translating even the most complex concepts into UX-driven screen mockups. After you’ve given their design the green light, we’ll merge your app’s UI with solid backend code - bringing your ideas and our design to life.
    QA & Launch
    Ensuring your app is up to scratch is just as important as equipping it with brilliant design and innovative functions. Our quality assurance process does just that - putting our creation through its paces to uncover and correct even the smallest of bugs before launch. Beyond this, our initial ‘beta’ release offers a significant opportunity to tweak and enhance your app in line with invaluable audience feedback and data.
    Ongoing Support
    Our work is never done. Once your app is live on the Apple and Android app stores, we’re still in your corner - offering a plethora of ongoing support and maintenance services designed to ensure your app keeps up with both your business’ growth and the fast-changing digital world. Whether you want to add a new feature, need technical assistance, or simply have a burning question to be answered, we’re committed to you from our first meeting to launch and beyond.

    Make an App, the Right Way

    We believe that if you’re going to invest valuable time and budget into an app, it should deliver results beyond your expectations. That’s why we don’t do things by halves. Our extensive background as an app development company has helped us perfect our processes; meaning we know exactly what’s required to craft a standout digital experience.

    Harness the power of IOS App Development
    It’s no secret that Apple & Android dominate the UK mobile market - with over 50% of total users opting to stay loyal to iOS. Our experts are here to help you unlock this huge potential audience - designing robust mobile apps optimised for any device or operating system. We’ll get your customers truly connected with your brand using a plethora of features, from custom UI to geo-tracking and push notifications.
    Deliver Unified UX with Android App Development
    Uniformity is a huge part of successful branding and positive user experiences. GLO’s talented app developers understand this - meaning they’d never leave android users behind. We’ll work to reach even wider audiences by ensuring your new app is equally optimised for android operating systems, and that it’s just as accessible through the Google Play Store. Our comprehensive, agile approach to UX allows us to create and deliver a truly unified experience, capturing as much of the market as possible.
    Access Top UK App Designers
    Great apps don’t just look good. Instead, they combine a visually stunning UI with strong functionality - delivering an intuitive end-result precisely targeting your customer base and driving your desired actions. Our talented team of leading app designers combine research, user behaviour analysis and design principles to produce truly usable products designed to engage users beyond just download rates.
    Create an App with Purpose
    Whatever your specific objectives are for your app, our development team will always ensure that the end product responds directly to its user's needs - helping ensure a positive experience, and continued loyalty, whilst driving ROI. As an experienced app development company with highly talented staff, we have the knowledge, skillset, and passion required to deliver the best possible app for both you, and your audience.
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    Why Choose the GLO
    App Development Agency

    Think. Do. Deliver.

    We’re a dynamic, UK-based app development agency composed of a powerful mix of designers and developers, combining knowledge and expertise to create beautifully designed, high-performance apps across all sectors. Our equal focus on aesthetics, functionality, and ROI results in truly intelligent, engaging digital experiences.

    Experienced App Development Team

    Our talented team of app developers, designers, and general digital experts have years of experience delivering high-performance mobile apps across both iOS and Android.

    Ready to get started?

    Ready to take the first step in your app development journey? Want to surpass your competition and engage your audience? Get in touch with the GLO app development team. We can’t wait to help realise your ambitions.

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    With a proven track record of success, we’ve worked with businesses and clients from a wide spectrum of industries and sectors on a national basis. Our services are comprehensive, our expertise is unrivalled, and our results speak for themselves – but don’t just take it from us. Discover what our clients have to say:

    John & his team were extremely detailed and professional throughout our time working together. We had very tight deadlines which GLO were able to meet and turned our project around in a matter of weeks.

    Tom Sunderland Avatar
    Tom Sunderland

    We have been using John and the team at GLO for more than a year now.Excellent service. Quality SEO.Highly recommend.

    Nayden Ivanov Avatar
    Nayden Ivanov

    John and his team really bought into our vision. The product they delivered was excellent and the additional tweaks and changes as we developed our service was never an issue. Highly recommended

    Damian Brown Avatar
    Damian Brown

    We have been using GLO for a couple of years now and we are still as pleased with their results as we were in the first few months. They communicate well, give sound advice and are extremely knowledgeable.I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their ratings on the internet.All Trans Autos Ltd

    Richard Bloomfield Avatar
    Richard Bloomfield

    A delightfully easy service delivered with passion and knowledge. Looking forward to working together in the future, and take advantage of the GLO effect! Thanks John.

    Daniel Dimoline Avatar
    Daniel Dimoline

    We've been using John and the team at GLO for only 3 months now since moving to Ipswich and the level of quality SEO and professionalism they offer is extremely high and arguably unbeatable. Monthly/Quarterly catch ups, they keep you updated on every detail and the difference to our website is unmeasurable from when they started until now. Do not look any further i promise you wont be disappointed, and we can say that as Prior to GLO we went to another SEO company in Ipswich and my god we the difference is like night and day. Thank you GLO and here's to the next stage of SEO with your amazing team. ..!!!

    david power Avatar
    david power

    It was a pleasure to work with GLO on the website for our rewards and recognition platform.The team is knowledgeable, friendly and professional and we were really happy with the final product, especially considering time constraints.

    Ben Hammond Avatar
    Ben Hammond

    I approached GLO for a rebrand, website re-design and SEO package. Right from the start I felt like a priority. The way the team look after their clients is top notch and the culture runs through the entire organisation, there wasn’t any idea or extra request that wasn’t met with enthusiasm and I was always kept informed of where the project was at.The quality of the website and brand that they have created for us is great. The website is beautiful and already ranking on first page Google searches, after less than a week! I could not recommend John and his team highly enough, and I can see us working with them for many years to come.

    Ben Grover Avatar
    Ben Grover

    Trusted App Development Agency

    Our professional app developers are experts in their craft – delivering bespoke, insights-driven apps to satisfied clients on a regular basis. Capable of handling any app development challenge, GLO’s team are trusted by hundreds of businesses to create technically strong websites built to generate leads and excel at what we do.
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    John Parnell
    Digital Director
    Online Lead Generation Agency GLO Beth Craig Suffolk
    Beth Craig
    Head of Content
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    Rebecca Martin
    Project Manager
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    Head of Design
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    If you’re looking for a dynamic, results-driven app development agency passionate about generating leads online, get in touch with GLO. Our specialist app development team will work holistically as an extension of your business, optimising every element of your app presence, and helping build an app set to perform beyond expectation.

      App Development FAQ’s

      What is mobile app development?

      Mobile app development is a relatively broad term - but most often refers to the overall process required to create and launch specific software, or applications (apps) for ‘small wireless computing devices’ - most commonly smartphones or tablets. a series of processes and procedures required to build software for small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and other hand-held devices.

      Whilst developers once had to write separate code for different device types, it’s now possible and commonplace to use more ‘universal’ coding languages designed to function across a variety of platforms and operating systems.

      Why should I build a mobile app?

      In short, the digital world is becoming more mobile-driven than ever before. With more than 50% of internet users accessing sites via mobile, there’s never been a better time to improve
      your customer’s user experience, increase loyalty and reach vast new audiences with a platform optimised specifically for mobile devices.

      Depending on the design, purpose, and functionality of your app, you’re also likely to benefit from an enhanced customer experience, increased client loyalty, and greater market coverage - all of which can drive sales to new heights.

      Are you interested in building a mobile app for your business but don’t know where to start? GLO are here to help. Our tight-knit team of expert app developers and designers really know their stuff - and are always happy to sit down for a free consultation. Reach out to us today to get started.

      How much does it cost to make an app?

      Generally speaking, the cost of mobile app development can vary hugely in accordance with a number of factors - including the developer you choose and the intended use of the app, alongside its level of complexity.

      Those working on a low budget or limited timeline to create a simple app may opt to use ‘no-code’ builders such as AppyPie - which allow for the use of pre-coded elements and widgets.

      More complex mid-range options are generally available in the form of both self-use tools such as HoneyCode (charged on a subscription basis), and development services provided by freelancers and agencies.

      The most expensive apps are often those requiring native development as a result of their complex or unique features - which may include (but aren’t limited to) AI or VR. Though costing at this end of the scale is typically high (up to the hundreds of thousands), the end result is most certainly worth it - delivering a hugely enhanced user experience and resultant ROI.

      Where to start with app development?

      Every great app starts with an idea. No matter the development route you’re going to follow, your budget, or your timeline, in order to create an app, you’ll need to develop a vision with direction and purpose. Of course, once you’ve got the basics down, an app development agency such as GLO will be able to help shape and optimise your initial concepts.

      Beyond this point, the path to launch is up to you. If you’re aiming to build your app yourself, you’ll need to get to grips with no-code development software before creating and deploying it to app stores. An app developer will undertake the following steps for you - kickstarting the process with a discovery meeting, before creating a structured plan, developing your app, putting it through quality assurance, deploying it to app stores, and maintaining it.

      Are you interested in building a mobile app for your business but don’t know where to start? GLO are here to help. Our tight-knit team of expert app developers and designers really know their stuff - and are always happy to sit down for a free consultation. Reach out to us today to get started.

      Is app development worth it?

      Whether or not app development is worth it depends on your business’ unique circumstances and requirements. For those with customer bases with large online (and therefore mobile) usage figures, in particular, investing in an app could result in a significant ROI.

      With overall usage statistics pointing towards huge digital growth - particularly in the area of handheld devices, our experts indicate that developing an app with a genuine, useful purpose suited to your business’ target audience is generally an excellent way to improve reach, loyalty, customer experience, and sales. Though an app is often a significant investment, much like a website, it’ll serve to boost your bottom line in the long run.

      If you’re unsure as to whether or not a mobile app is the right option for you, reach out to our app development team for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss the potential viability of any concepts you may have in the works.

      How long does it take to make an app?

      Because mobile apps can vary so significantly across functionality, design, complexity, and scale, there’s no exact timescale that they should be completed to. Whilst a simple app built on a no-code platform with generic functionality may take three months to develop, a highly complex app involving AI or VR may take in excess of nine months. The most time-consuming steps of app development tend to include project research, design proposals and revisions, development itself, and app deployment or ‘launch’ to your selected app stores.

      Beyond the deployment stage, many developers offer ongoing maintenance and support - designed to ensure your app stays up to date, and that any issues or bugs are resolved quickly and effectively.

      How is a mobile app developed?

      The mobile app development process can vary slightly according to your chosen developer and the unique requirements of your app, however, most tend to follow a formula along the lines of:

      All mobile apps begin with an idea. Your development team should meet with you to discuss your vision, before researching and refining your ideas into a viable concept.

      After you’ve approved your concept, the developers may begin preparation in the form of establishing a support system for your app’s backend including databases, APIs, and servers.

      At this point, your design team should work to create an intuitive, functional user interface and design in line with your outlined requirements, concept, and brand.

      After the final design has been greenlit and all backend elements are in place, your developers should work to bring your app to life - completing all coding and programming necessary to connect your app’s frontend interface with its backend.

      After each element of your app is complete, your developer should complete a quality assurance phase - testing all functionality and rectifying bugs prior to deployment.

      After QA is complete, your app should be ready to launch across your chosen app stores - most commonly the Google Play Store and the App Store. Their team should manage every aspect of this.

      Beyond post-launch checks, some app developers offer maintenance and upkeep services designed to ensure your app’s functionality in the long term - keeping it up-to-date and bug-free.

      What is mobile app UI?

      The term UI is one you’ll come across often in the world of mobile apps. It refers to the user interface - the graphical and touch-sensitive display found in mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. It may also refer to voice-controlled interfaces. UIs are what allow the user to interact with their device’s features.

      Much of the app development process is spent designing the UI - balancing the creation of innovative interfaces with aesthetics. Good developers aim to ensure that their newly created UI provides the user with the best in-app experience possible.

      Do apps make money?

      Apps can make money in a wide variety of ways. Whether or not you’re looking to monetise your app, and how you’d like to do so, should be a point of discussion early on in the app conceptualisation process, and should be decided before the start of development. Some popular models for monetisation include in-app purchases, subscription payment models, paid apps (wherein the user is required to pay upfront to install the app), advertising, and affiliate marketing.

      Beyond these direct streams of revenue, apps can make money for your business indirectly by serving as a tool boosting brand awareness, customer loyalty and retention, and for reaching vast new audiences.

      Is it easy to develop an iOS app?

      Whether or not you’ll personally find it easy to develop an iOS mobile app depends on your level of experience. Whilst app development on any platform tends to be a relatively daunting experience across any platform for those new to the process, there are a number of programmes available to assist along the way - from ‘no code’ options to mid-tier subscription options.

      In the case of developers, how easy iOS development is compared to Android depends on their individual preference for programming languages - with many finding Swift’s readability highly beneficial to ease of development.

      Are you interested in building a mobile app for your business but don’t know where to start? GLO are here to help. Our tight-knit team of expert app developers and designers really know their stuff - and are always happy to sit down for a free consultation. Reach out to us today to get started.


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