John Parnell Listed as an East Anglian Daily Times ‘Director of the Year’ Finalist

Every great organisation is powered by an equally great group of skilled, dedicated, and like-minded people. In the case of GLO, this group is led by a founder with a true passion for both people and world-class digital results – John Parnell.

We’re beyond excited to announce that John was recently nominated as an East Anglian Daily Times Business Awards ‘Director of the Year’ finalist.

Before we break out the champagne, join us on a journey back to where it all began. Read on to discover how and why John started GLO back in 2019, and the steps he’s taken to turn his once one-person agency into the runaway success it is today.

A Look Into The East Anglian Daily Times Business Awards

Each year, the East Anglian Daily Times Business Awards honour outstanding businesses and individuals. These awards are more than just accolades, they’re a testament to those who contribute to East Anglia’s thriving business ecosystem. 

A nomination, let alone a win, defines both the individual and the business as a worthy representative of the region’s commercial landscape. With this in mind, we’re exceedingly proud that John has made the shortlist.

Humble Beginnings 

So, how did John steer GLO’s course to success? 

Well, our story begins in Ipswich, Suffolk. Here, in March 2019, GLO began as a simple idea – a digital marketing agency focused on genuine inbound lead generation. As all budding entrepreneurs can agree, starting a business is never easy, so when John started as “a one-man band on [his] parent’s couch”, he never imagined he’d grow to have “a thriving ten-member team.” 

From its humble beginnings in a living room, GLO’s evolution has been nothing short of remarkable. This shift hasn’t just been from a couch to our modern Innovation Labs offices. It’s been a transition from minor tasks to international-level projects, and from following the crowd to forging innovative new services. John’s impressive journey, characterised by significant financial growth and a widening client base, was the driving force behind this transformation and is a testament to his leadership abilities. 

Transforming Challenges Into Triumphs 

GLO’s rise hasn’t been without its challenges – one being the global pandemic. During this time, despite Covid-19 putting the world on pause, John built resilience as a business leader. While others figured out how to build their online presence in the face of adversity, John stayed one step ahead. Recognising market needs, he began to offer solutions from SEO web design services on flexible instalment plans, to an innovative ‘pay per lead’ scheme. 

In the face of adversity, John didn’t just transform his profits. He created an environment where to this day, success is measured in positive impact – whether tangible results, or feelings. His dedication to mental health stems from a deeply personal place. He recounts, “After losing my best friend last year, I’ve been a strong advocate for mental health awareness.” This loss transformed his understanding into an unwavering commitment, leading directly to GLO’s connections to notable organisations like Suffolk Mind, Inspire, and our most recent collaboration with Combat2Coffee

Leading With Compassion

John’s dedication to raising mental health awareness extends beyond traditional avenues and brand partnerships. He created “Bad Shirt Club” with a mission to raise mental health awareness through bold, bright fashion statements. By donning bad shirts, customers not only express themselves but break the silence around mental health. In a world where mental health issues are often stigmatised, Bad Shirt Club bridges the gap between fun and seriousness, drawing attention through creativity. 

John’s belief in mental health awareness also spreads internally through the structure of GLO. His perspective was shaped early on by his mother’s vital role in the NHS’s mental health services. Leveraging this understanding, he’s championed several initiatives within the GLO team. #MentalHealthMondays and a dedicated mental health line for the GLO team are just two examples of how he’s transformed his understanding into action. His perspective is clear, “Prioritising employee’s mental health fosters a positive work environment, contributing to staff retention and increased productivity.”

What Lies Ahead For GLO and John

As the industry continues to grow, the future for GLO and John Parnell promises even greater innovation and growth. He’s promised to “continue to seize every opportunity, make bold decisions, look for new growth avenues, and stay agile in this volatile market.”

John’s nomination for ‘Director of the Year’ isn’t just a recognition of his past accomplishments. It’s a symbol of a promise of what’s yet to come and the possibilities that lie ahead. As we toast to nomination, one thing is certain, GLO, much like its founder, is one to watch.