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Maximise ROI with cutting-edge PPC advertising campaigns.

Drive Sales With Standout Google Ads

As a results-driven Google Ads agency, we help businesses drive revenue, increase profitability, and acquire customers with data-driven online advertising campaigns. Discover the power of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with GLO’s comprehensive in-house Google Ads management services, designed to raise brand awareness and – ultimately – generate sales and leads.

Build Brand Awareness

Showcase your products or services at the top of Google – the world’s largest search engine

Target Specific Audiences

Attract profitable, high-intent audience groups with advanced targeting strategies

Increase Sales

Drive relevant traffic to your website or e-commerce store and boost online sales

Maximise ROI

Increase your return on advertising spend with cost-effective Google Ads management

Build Brand Awareness

Showcase your products or services at the top of Google – the world’s largest search engine

Target Specific Audiences

Attract profitable, high-intent audience groups with advanced targeting strategies

Increase Sales

Drive relevant traffic to your website or e-commerce store and boost online sales

Maximise ROI

Increase your return on advertising spend with cost-effective Google Ads management

Data-Driven Google Ads Management Company

Get the most out of your Google Ads account with the help of GLO’s experienced Google Ads specialists. As a leading Google Ads agency, we’re fully invested in your company’s growth, using data-driven insights to raise brand awareness, boost sales, and maximise your marketing budget to its fullest potential.

Our high-performing Google Ads services combine an in-depth understanding of your product and target audience with advanced technical know-how, to create, implement, and manage successful PPC advertising campaigns.

We’re pleased to provide effective Google Ads services for businesses and brands of all sizes across a variety of sectors, using tried and tested strategies to ensure your ads are seen by the right people, at the right time.

In short, we make Google Ads simple.

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Google Ads Campaign Types

Google Search Ads

Display your website listing at the top of search results to drive sales and leads

Google Display Ads

Increase brand awareness with engaging visual ads shown across the Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Shopping Ads

Grow your e-commerce site with advanced Google Shopping campaigns

Performance Max

Maximise campaign performance with goal-based automation and targeting

YouTube Ads

Showcase video ads on the world’s second most popular website

Google App Ads

Promote your iOS or Android app on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and more

Google Search Ads

Display your website listing at the top of search results to drive sales and leads

Google Display Ads

Increase brand awareness with engaging visual ads shown across the Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Shopping Ads

Grow your e-commerce site with advanced Google Shopping campaigns

Performance Max

Maximise campaign performance with goal-based automation and targeting

YouTube Ads

Showcase video ads on the world’s second most popular website

Google App Ads

Promote your iOS or Android app on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and more

CRO & Google Ads Services

Google Ads Optimisation

Lower your ad spend while boosting click-through and conversion rates

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Maximise ROI with a fully optimised landing page, built to generate conversions

Audience Research & Competitor Analysis

Target the right audiences and outperform your competitors

Tag Implementation & Retargeting Ads

Show targeted ads to users who visited your website with Tag Manager

Digital Design for PPC

Make an impression with on-brand, attention-grabbing ad visuals

Lead Tracking, Analytics & Reporting

Measure your PPC campaign’s success with monthly reporting and analysis

Google Ads Management Process

We’re not in the business of guessing – our PPC management process features a unique combination of insight-led data analysis and technical expertise, with an end-goal of producing real, sustainable results.



The first step to an effective Google Ads campaign is getting to know you, your target audience, and your offering. During your initial consultation, our PPC specialists will develop a comprehensive understanding of your business, budget, and goals, before examining any existing PPC accounts and analytics from prior campaigns.



Competitor analysis is often the key to strategic breakthroughs. Using the most up-to-date intelligence tools, our PPC experts will research, deconstruct, and analyse your strongest competitors’ online advertising campaigns to identify areas for advancement and benchmark your business in the paid media advertising space.



Effective Google Ads campaigns are rooted in the successful targeting of relevant audiences. GLO’s PPC specialists will work collaboratively with you, using a combination of goal-setting and data analysis to establish customer personas and target demographics, enabling the creation of a focused user journey.



Following extensive analysis, we’ll compile a list of keywords that are highly relevant to the needs of your target audience and devise a PPC strategy in line with your goals – this will be used as a plan until enough data is collected to reveal further opportunities for optimisation.



Balancing technicality with creative flair, our content specialists will craft original and compelling ad copy and visuals that are both highly relevant to your target audience and designed to inspire action. If required, we’ll also develop a bespoke, fully optimised landing page that’s expertly designed to generate conversions.



The moment you’ve been waiting for! GLO’s PPC specialists will undertake the extensive process of constructing your Google Ads campaign, with a focus on cost efficiency and user intent. Following your campaign’s launch, we’ll continuously monitor its performance, identifying opportunities for further optimisation.



A truly effective PPC campaign needs to evolve alongside the digital space it inhabits. Unlike some other Google Ads agencies, we won’t simply set and forget about your campaign. Instead, we’ll use collected data to ensure that every element is working to drive maximum results for your business.

FREE Analytics & Reporting

Make informed marketing decisions with data-driven website analysis.

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  • Find and target the right audience
  • Track and optimise your online marketing campaigns
  • Improve your website’s conversion rate
  • Make informed marketing decisions

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    Award-Winning PPC Services

    We don’t like to boast, but since we’d love to work with you, we thought it worth including our accreditations and awards.

    We’ve been recognised as a top UK digital marketing agency by Clutch – the world’s leading rating platform for digital marketing agencies – and we’re also Google Partners.

    Most recently, we’ve been named Start-Up Business of the Year at the Suffolk Business Awards – but our success as a digital marketing services agency doesn’t end there. We’re also proud members of the EADT’s exclusive Future50 program and FSB Award finalists in their Digital Business of the Year category – with many more accolades to come!

    Meet the GLO Team

    Our Google Ads Services Are Certified

    We don’t just claim to be great digital marketers – we have the accreditations and certifications to prove it! We’re a longstanding Google Partner, triple certified by some of the world’s leading online platforms, and proud Data & Marketing Association (DMA) members, positioning us firmly amongst the world’s top digital marketing specialists.

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    Trusted Google Ads Agency

    Our Google Ads services have helped hundreds of clients like you to meet their business goals. Here’s what they have to say about us:

    The team at GLO were very thorough right from our very first meeting to discuss the new website build and design. It was very important for us to showcase what we offer and the team have created a great flow on the website that gives a true insight into our offerings here at Orwell Fitness. We are thrilled with the finished product! Thank you GLO!

    Darren Hotten Orwell Fitness

    GLO is carrying out all of the SEO work for our business websites. GLO’s knowledge and passion for SEO are second to none and I can highly recommend their services. It’s great to have an agency looking after our SEO who is as passionate about promoting our businesses as we are. Keep up the good work.

    Paul Robinson Greenfuture

    The team at GLO – Generate Leads Online helped me achieve my dream website. GLO allowed me to focus on building my business whilst taking care of the digital marketing side. The result has been an intelligent website which is able to provide insight into my visitors, which will be crucial in deciding on marketing strategies. GLO helped me by creating a plan which allowed me to achieve milestones and budget accordingly. The team at GLO always came in within budget, and always well in advance of our agreed deadlines.

    Martin Bright Fees Free Mortgages

    The results of our engagement have been brilliant. So far, we’ve achieved 761 leads in total, which is absolutely staggering. Regarding our ROI, we’ve spent around £30,000 and gotten £300,000 worth of business in return. Work with GLO. The leads that they provide contribute to a third of my turnover, and the cost per sale is 12%, which is outstanding — it’s a no-brainer.

    Ron Spence RJ Insulation

    I cannot recommend GLO – Generate Leads Online highly enough for their Google Ads and social media services. I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable impact of their work on our business. We were facing a decline in online lead generation, but since partnering with GLO, we’ve seen a dramatic turnaround. Trusting GLO with our Google Ads and social media management needs was the best decision we could have made. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that delivers results and genuinely cares about your success, look no further than GLO – Generate Leads Online.

    Matt Moss SMART Modular Buildings

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        Google Ads Agency FAQs

        A Google Ads agency is an organisation dedicated to, specialising in, or simply offering services related to Google Ads – most commonly campaign management. Though exact processes and techniques differ from organisation to organisation, the general goal of Google Ads agencies is to ensure the best possible ad performance – whether through strategising, campaign planning, implementation, testing, optimisation, reporting, or – as is the case here at GLO – a combination of all of the above. 

        Essentially, Google Ads agencies, when hired, act as an extension of their clients’ businesses, taking on all of the workload associated with running a Google Ads campaign, and applying their extensive expertise to ensure success/ROAS at every touchpoint.

        The process of uploading your campaign to Google is relatively instantaneous (bar campaigns undergoing auditing by Google), meaning that with PPC, you’ll generally begin to see results straight away. This is what makes it so popular with organisations seeking fast, strong results (and part of what makes it so great in our eyes here at GLO)! 

        With this being said, optimising your campaign is a different story. In order to achieve the best possible results, you’ll need to test and adjust your campaign according to the data it collects post-launch – meaning that the best possible results will take a little longer to achieve.

        Google Ads is a highly effective PPC or ‘pay-per-click’ advertising platform. Its popularity can be attributed to a long list of reasons, however, its main draws include its bidding system (and resultant suitability for most budgets), inbuilt optimisation tools, huge captive audience, extensive reach (ads are typically placed in search results and across the Google Display Network) and unique level of control over targeted keywords, segments, and spend per period. 

        Thanks to the above features, when implemented by professionals, Google Ads campaigns can be an extremely cost-effective way to harness search intent, drive traffic, and generate high-quality leads – making them a popular choice for businesses of any scale.

        Whether or not Google Ads is right for your business ultimately comes down to your goals, and how effectively your campaign is implemented. 

        With this being said, the platform is generally well suited to most businesses and budget sizes thanks to its flexible bidding system and unique keyword/audience targeting capacities – but, when deciding to take the plunge and invest in PPC, you’ll need to consider a whole host of factors in order to ensure maximum efficiency. These may include (but aren’t limited to) how much you’d like to spend, the audience you’d like to reach, your level of competition, what exactly you’re looking to achieve – and if you’d like a PPC/Google Ads agency to assist with your efforts. Even just one of the factors above can have a huge impact on performance. 

        For further advice regarding whether or not Google Ads or PPC management would be a suitable digital marketing strategy for your business, get in touch with GLO. We’ll be happy to help develop and manage a PPC strategy tailored to your specific needs.

        There’s a reason PPC advertising is so popular! Helping businesses of all scales achieve their marketing goals, from increased brand exposure to lead generation – PPC platforms such as Google Ads offer a near-endless list of benefits, including:

        • Campaign speed – PPC is one of the fastest ways to get your business, product, or service in front of the right audience, often besting long-term digital marketing strategies such as SEO in the race for results. 
        • Tracking and management – Looking for a digital marketing strategy set to provide you with endless, insightful data and opportunities for campaign optimisation? PPC is the way to go. 
        • Audience targeting – Segmentation is key to reaching the right audience. PPC platform/tool developers know this and offer extensive tools for segmentation and testing, designed to ensure your message is seen by ideal recipients. 
        • Budget flexibility – PPC’s unique format allows individuals and professionals to retain tight control over campaign budgets, with the ability to set and alter budgets and bids in accordance with performance.

        PPC stands for pay-per-click – a popular model of online marketing allowing advertisers to upload ads, and, as its name suggests, pay-per-click received! A fast way to get products and services in front of large audiences, PPC is thought to offer a more immediate return on investment compared to organic optimisation methods, although this convenience comes at an added cost. Pay-per-click campaigns generally cost more to maintain than long-term SEO, and must be managed carefully to avoid running up large costs or burning out budgets in a matter of days. 

        With this being said, experienced PPC agencies like GLO can help manage and optimise your PPC campaigns, keeping costs low and conversion rates high through continuous assessment of ROAS.

        Many small business owners believe running a successful Google ads campaign is out of their budget and reach – but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Whilst it’s correct that a big budget can help get your campaign in front of the right eyes with relative ease, a small spend can be just as effective when optimised correctly thanks to Google Ads’ flexible management tools and analytics! That’s right – as with most things in digital marketing, the key to success with Google Ads is staying on top of your stats, ensuring that every element of your strategy is performing as intended and as cost-effectively as possible. That’s where industry experts come in. 

        For small businesses looking to establish and build an online presence quickly whilst staying within budget, digital marketing agencies specialising in PPC are generally the way to go. Their experts will take on the responsibility of setting up and running campaigns across selected networks (e.g. Google Shopping for e-commerce), working to ensure relevance, reach, and cost-effectiveness from pre-launch onwards using Google Ads’ cost-control and targeting measures. 

        For further advice regarding whether or not Google Ads would be a suitable digital marketing strategy for your small business, get in touch with GLO. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!

        Whether Google or Facebook ads are best for your business is down to a few factors – primarily your goals and audience. For those looking to raise brand awareness, build a large online following, or with a body of existing fans across one or a number of platforms, social media ads may be the right choice. Alternatively, for those looking to generate sales and leads for specific products or services receiving high search volumes, Google ads tend to be the way to go. Many of our clients balance both Google ads and social media ads to effectively promote their businesses.

        If you’re unsure of which advertising platform best fits your business and objectives, get in touch with GLO. Our PPC experts will be happy to make appropriate suggestions.

        The term ‘Google Ads agency’ refers to an organisation focusing on the development, implementation, and optimisation of Google Ads campaigns. When hired, they’ll work as an extension of their client’s business – outlining strategies, creating and optimising campaigns (managing and tracking keyword bids and capping expenditure), reporting on the performance of key metrics, and performing ongoing assessments of strategy. A strong Google Ads agency should also provide ideas for a successful return on investment (ROI) and keep track of all new platform updates.

        At GLO, we align our Google Ads strategies and techniques with our clients’ objectives to deliver high-performing ads that generate maximum results – get in touch to learn more.

        The phrase pay-per-click (PPC) management generally refers to the process of overseeing and managing PPC ad spend, often involving (but not limited to) campaign creation, optimisation, and reporting. Management may be undertaken by business owners (or dedicated in-house staff) or a specialist agency/individual, depending on a number of circumstances including budget, goals, and resources. 

        At GLO, we approach PPC management in a holistic, data-driven manner – working to ensure optimum cost-effectiveness through the implementation of strong keyword research and ongoing testing and adjustment. If you’d like to discover how our PPC team could help get your ads in front of just the right audience, reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

        ‘How much does a Google Ads campaign cost’ is the first question many of our prospective clients ask. Unfortunately, there’s no simple ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer. Whilst GLO’s campaign set-up cost sits at a £400 flat rate – our fees (a minimum of £150 per month) for Google Ads management are billed as a percentage (20%) of our clients’ overall media spends, meaning that with us, your budget will ultimately determine the overall cost of our services. 

        If you’d like to establish exactly how much a fully managed Google Ads campaign would cost your business, or simply want to learn more about our award-winning PPC services, get in touch with GLO via the contact form above for a free, no-obligation consultation.

        Google Ads is currently one of the best, most flexible paid advertising platforms available to businesses and makes the perfect starting point for a successful digital campaign. Thanks to its adherence to the pay-per-click (PPC) model, this innovative tool allows business owners and marketers alike to launch advertising campaigns targeting specific keywords and audiences in a highly cost-effective manner. 

        The majority of Google ads campaigns operate on a relatively simple basis – allowing campaign managers to make bids (the maximum they’re willing to pay for the ad) on targeted keywords – competing with those who have done the same. For example, if you bid £5 on the keyword ‘digital marketing agency Ipsiwch’ and Google determines that the CPC is £3 – your ad will be shown. If the CPC is above your maximum bid, it will not be shown. Campaign managers may also bid on CPM (cost per 1000 ad impressions), or CPE (cost per engagement) – or simply set up a maximum daily budget. When the ad is listed and clicked, the manager’s account will be billed accordingly.

        When implemented effectively, a Google Ads campaign should contribute to the achievement of pre-established goals, from driving web traffic to increasing conversions.

        In simple terms, Google Ads is a paid advertising tool using the PPC model (wherein the advertiser pays a fee per click or impression on an ad). For business owners with an online presence, it provides a huge opportunity to drive relevant traffic to a page or specific product using ads. These ads will appear in front of your selected target audience in search results – increasing the likelihood of goal action completions such as conversions, calls, and even store visits.

        Anyone can set up a Google Ads campaign – however, running one efficiently and effectively takes time, testing, and expertise. Our experts highly recommend consulting a PPC agency before taking the leap into the world of paid digital advertising. To establish how Goole Ads could work for your business, reach out to GLO for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

        Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising channel provided by Google. In the digital marketing game, it’s the turbo boost for your online visibility. Your attention-grabbing ad is displayed on the Google Search Network, YouTube and other partner sites in front of potential customers at the right moment. Picture this, you own a cosy coffee shop and someone in your city types ‘best coffee near me’ into Google. Using Google Ads PPC is your way of saying “hey, we’ve got the brew you’re looking for”! Your ad pops up at the top of the search page, catching their eye right when they’re deciding where to get their caffeine fix.

        The PPC or ‘pay-per-click’ aspect refers to how you pay for this privilege. You’re not paying for the mere existence of your ad, you’re paying when someone actually clicks on it. There’s more, for your ad to pop up on relevant searches, you must successfully bid on certain keywords relevant to your business. For example, let’s say you sell women’s activewear, you might choose specific keywords like “tennis skirt”, a product you offer. ‘Tennis skirt’ is likely to be cheaper than a broader term like ‘women’s activewear’ due to its specific nature. The next time someone is searching for tennis skirts or visiting a website about tennis more generally, your ad becomes a beacon leading them to your digital doorstep. So, how to get started? Below are the different stages of Google Ads PPC:

        • Ad Creation: First, advertisers create compelling ads which can be text, image or video. The next time you’re googling a product or service, take note of what type of ads pop up!
        • Keyword Targeting: The beauty is in the targeting. You’re not just blindly casting a wide net and hoping for the best. Like in our tennis skirt example, you target specific keywords related to products and services you offer to ensure your ads are in front of the right people.
        • Bid Management: The last thing we want to do is blow your marketing budget in a matter of days. Marketing agencies confirm with their clients the maximum bid they’re willing to pay for each click on their ad. It’s then closely monitored to maximise the return on investment.
        • Ad Auction: When a user searches for ‘tennis skirts’, Google conducts an ad auction to determine which ads to show. The ad which comes out on top is based on the bid amount, ad quality and the user’s search intent.
        • Ad Placement: When you win an auction, your ad is placed in relevant search results or on other Google-affiliated platforms like YouTube. From here you’ll start to reap the rewards of an enhanced online presence, more high-quality website traffic and increased conversions! 

        Curious to see how your business can shine in the digital spotlight? It starts with a conversation. At GLO, our results-driven Google Ads professionals can help you drive revenue, increase profitability and acquire customers with data-driven campaigns. Book a free no-obligation consultation with our team today! 

        Yes, Google Ads PPC are worth it because you’re investing in a targeted, performance-based advertising approach. It’s a pay-per-click advertising channel so you only pay when someone’s generally interested and clicks on your ad. It’s like having a personal usher bringing customers right to your doorstep and only paying them when the customer has entered and engaged with your brand and products. 

        With paid ads on Google, your brand can get found instantly by your desired audience across Google-affiliated platforms like YouTube, external websites and so on. Think about when you Google something, those ads at the top? Yep, that’s Google Ads PPC. The ads have the ability to target people of certain demographics, locations and the words they use to search!

        Let’s say you’re a supplier of car parts in Birmingham and have a blog post about the merits of a new hybrid engine. Well, Google allows you to target people in your area who are actively looking for information about ‘hybrid engines’ and in turn, what you have to offer. Chances are there aren’t many people below the driving age looking for your services so you can tailor the ads to 17 years old and up. The benefits? You gain high-quality leads which drives revenue and increases profitability. Also, if speed is the name of the game, Google ads allow your brand to forego investing time and effort into other marketing methods such as search engine optimisation. 

        Want to know the best part? It’s a measurable investment. Every click, every conversion; it’s tracked, analysed and optimised for maximum returns. It’s not just about spending, it’s about spending smart which directly contributes to your business objectives. That’s where our team at GLO comes in. We’re not just a digital marketing agency, we’re your strategic partner in your digital journey. We’ll navigate the Google Ads PPC landscape for you, crafting compelling ads, choosing the right keywords and ensuring your investment aligns with your business goals. Ready to harness the transformative power of Google Ads PPC? Get in touch with our team today for a free no-obligation consultation!